Lexus SC430 GT500 2013 Addon Teams v1.8

Lexus SC430 GT500 2013 Addon Teams for GTR2

Addon Teams created by Needforspeedgamer

Addon Teams for the SUPER GT GT500 Mod

Team Infos :

After the Nissan GT-R GT500 2013 Class was released, here is the Lexus SC430 GT500 2013 Class!

Thanks to :

harvestmouse, Cobra & alexmezza: help with logos from

Known Bugs :

– missing logos (not sure)
– alpha channel bug

Any questions about these known bugs, send me a private message at nogrip and I will answer.

Version History :

v1.8 :
– update on the ENEOS SUSTINA SC430, now spoiler is black overall and now has the
“SUSTINA” logo on the spoiler.

v1.7 :
– added new bodymask textures. (NOTE: they replace the 2012 bodymasks, so be patient)
– DENSO KOBELCO SC430 .car file, genstring “8082L” changed to “8082N”.
– Michelin logo (on DENSO KOBELCO SC430’s rear window) changed to Potenza.

– decal update on the DENSO KOBELCO SC430.

– fixed the tire genstring on the DENSO KOBELCO SC430.

– decals updated on the PETRONAS TOM’S SC430.
– TEX.GTR files updated.
– SIM_SUPER_GT_SM.gdb file named to “SUPER GT SINGLE MAKES”.

– new skin, the ENEOS SUSTINA SC430 Black Edition.

– fixed issue on the ZENT CERUMO SC430’s “13038xx_TEX.GTR” file.
The wrong files was on the GTR file.
– new skin, the ZENT CERUMO SC430 Black Edition.

– new textures on the ENEOS SC430, WedsSport ADVAN SC430,

– updated window banner, adding the “Gran Turismo” logo.

v1.0: First Release of Mod.

Installation Instructions :

this are only Team Skins – to use them you need an installation of the SUPER GT GT500 Mod

extract the .rar file with WinRAR or similar unpacker and copy-paste the GameData folder to
your GTR2 main directory – allow to overwrite all existing folders / files with “YES ALL” – done.


Size: 27 MB
Version: 1.8
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