Macau GP 2005 v1.15

Macau GP 2005 for GTR2

Macau Grandprix Guia Circuit

Track converted and updated by Community Modders

Macau Grandprix Guia Circuit is based on the first public GTR2 conversion of the “Race – The WTCC Game” Macau track.


Original Track created by SimBin for Race – The WTCC Game

Track / GP Infos from Wiki :

The Macau Grand Prix is a motorsport road race for automobiles and motorcycles held annually in Macau. It is the only street circuit racing event in which both cars and motorcycles participate.

The first Macau Grand Prix event was held in 1954, as a sports car event. In 1961, the title race became an open-wheel Formula Libre event. The event has also had a variety of support races in its duration. Production cars joined the event in 1957, which were superseded by touring cars in 1972. The event received world championship status from 2005 to 2014 as the final round of the World Touring Car Championship. In 1976, the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix was introduced. In 2008, a GT3 race was added to the event, which became known as the FIA GT World Cup.

more infos

Track History – Change-Log :

Version 1.15 :

Renamed files and Folder, no collision with other versions of this track.

Added “MacauMarshals by RacerM”

– Track marshals and spectators

Added “Macau AI update .66 by N2L0

– Further AI improvement

Changed fuelusage and 36 cars should now possible.

Version 1.1 :

Added “New AIW file by Christian 66 ver 0.62”

– Massive AI improvement

Added “Macau texture Updates v2_2 by culmone67 for GTR2”

– HiRes textures

Added “Another macau LOD v1_1 by Swollox for GTR2”

– Track icons

Added “New LOD screen for Macau v1_1 by scca1981 for GTR2”


Added “Macau Ads 1.1 by gobi”

– Adverts textures

Added “Macau Starting Lights for GTR2 by gobi”

– Startinglights fix

Added “Macau Collisionwall 1.2 for GTR2 by Betty Swollox / gobi”

– No invisible wall behind Lisboa corner, fixed wall at
Maturnity, Donna Maria and Cemetry.

Changed a missing texture.

– Changed a texture on grass sufaces

Deleted unused geometry and textures.

– A lot of textures and geometry already packed in shared
files deleted

Changed the gdb file for better lighting and pitorder.

– 36 cars, lighting as in Dubai, pitorder

Added bump- and specularmaps for the guardrails

This Version includes the AIW update by Greybrad – extract the file named “Macau AIW update v1.3” in the Macau05 trackfolder and see the included Macau AIW readme.txt file for more infos.

Special Thanks to:

Betty Swollox
Christian 66

RACE – The WTCC GAME © 2006 SimBin Studios AB. Developed by SimBin Development Team AB.
Published and distributed by EIDOS INTERACTIVE LIMITED. All rights reserved. RACE is a trademark
of SimBin Studios AB. All other Trademarks are the property of their respective owners and used under license.
Based on the official Licence of the WTCC. EIDOS, EIDOS INTERACTIVE and the EIDOS Logo are trademarks



Size: 77 MB
Version: 1.15
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