Maikita Roads Iceland v1.01

Maikita Roads Iceland for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion & updates by BenMK1

Credits :

Original Track created by ceSniper for rFactor

thanks ceSniper for this nice track and permission to convert it.

Track Infos :

Maikita Roads is a fictional 18 km long country street course, along a cost, located somewhere in Iceland, Europe.

Infos from rFactor ReadMe :

This project began watching a Top Gear episode that was taking place in Iceland. I thought it would be nice to try to do something similar, and encouraged by my girlfriend I began work. There is a main road 18km long that goes around cliffs and mountains, another road going to a little town and the old road to the bottom of the mountains…now used for other activities…

There are some work areas with bumps, pay attention to trafic signs in order to slow down. Thare are some twisty areas and some fast ones, be careful on the fast ones since an accident can send you down the cliffs. It is dedicated to my girlfriend Maika, who also tested the track and the reason why it all began, hence the “Maikita roads” name, location Iceland. Since is very up north, night time is pretty short.

I hope you enjoy it.

change-log :

updates v1.01 :

– fixed double car shadows on mountains

v1.0 :

– AIW with new groove (the most curves), corrected AI DryLine (better speed), track width, working TimeTrial, and other problems
– All LODs with track Layout
– bug: double car shadows on track and mountains

new :

– integrated start light
– integrated a not visible underground material, so when you have a crash, and car is go up the hill, you come return to the road
– integrated a not visible barriere for any curves
– integrated backround material to close any holes in the mountain
– integrated nightlight for the Petrol Station
– light for ambulance, and any yellow warning flash lights
– fire
– Rain Reflect

Note :

This track need a long time for loading! When driving with many cars, in first lap the fps is
not overall good. Run GTR2 with the RunAff tool, so you get better fps.

Have Fun


Size: 181 MB
Version: 1.01
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9 Thoughts to “Maikita Roads Iceland v1.01”

  1. Beco1

    Really don’t wanna interfere here, not complaining nor demanding anything, but I have to agree with Torag. Fact is I also use XP, have a good and strong PC and most of the stuff runs very fine – but not this damn track. It is also remarkable that trace file says everything is OK which is really strange when normally sth. can be seen, like a missing object or so. I even have the .HAT file that I got from some other guy but that does not help either. I remember this nice track from my rFactor times and it is sad that there seems to be sth. wrong. However it would be grand if track experts could pls look into it. Thx.

    1. hello beco1,

      and here we have the confirmation of my thesis 😉

      You both use Win XP and, from what I have read here, you also have problems with other addons from time to time.

      Again – It’s NOT the track, it’s XP’s under-allocation of memory !

      The track runs fine for me, with Win10 x64 + 4GB Patch + Bill2’s Process Manager (using 4 CPU-Cores for GTR2).

      Just try it out – Win10 is installed in 10-15 minutes – you can make a backup of your XP in advance, e.g. with True Image or a similar backup tool – if necessary you can restore it at any time.

      I guarantee you that everything will then run without crashes (except for buggy addons).

      After that you won’t be in the mood for XP anymore, I’m sure of that 😉


  2. Torag

    Still not working !

    Give’s me an error:
    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
    Runtime Error !
    Program: C:\GAMES\Windows_Games\GTR2\GTR2\GTR2.exe
    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    Please contact the application’s support team for more information.

    I use Windows XP with Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 / C++ 2010 and C++ 2013 installed

    It shows here that the this track was downloaded 4429 time.
    So can one of these Downloaders give me advice what I’m doing wrong ?

    1. Windows XP – are you joking ??? But I hope you realize that there have been no security updates and current device drivers since 2014 !? and you surf the internet with it ? Jesus…

      I hope you don’t use it for online banking or anything like that…seriously, that’s really dangerous!

      install windows 10/11 64bit (do a clean reinstall with it), then everything will run, it also offers better performance, stability and security – you can download it for free from Microsoft or e.g. from

      You can get a cheap license for less than 10 € here: – I bought mine there, it works perfectly and is legal.

      for GTR2 addons like mods and tracks you don’t normally need any additional installation like Visual C++ or anything else – the problem (and also others that you have posted here) are definitely due to your outdated operating system and devices or system drivers.

      XP is not nearly as stable and compatible as a 64-bit Windows 7 or 10 system. You won’t have any more problems with that.


      1. Torag

        Instead of fussing about Windows XP you should help me with my Problem !
        How did you know that I use my Windows XP PC to surf the Internet ?


        For this purpose I use a modern Computer with a moderen OS, a modern Internet Browser and a modern Anti-Virus-Software.

        So please stop making Comments about things you didn’t know about.
        Instead it would be nice if you would help me with Problemes related to Things you released on you Website here.

        1. Torag

          Oh, I almost forgot:
          The Problems have absolutely nothing to do with my “outdatet” OS, because GTR2 itself, other Cars and other Tracks I’ve downloaded work fine.

          GTR2 was released in 2006, this Time Windows XP was still around.
          The Successor of XP, Windows Vista was rerleased in 2007, followed by Windows 7, 8 and than 10 !
          So why should I update to Windows 10 `when GTR2 is desinged to run with XP ?
          Do you realy thing that WIN 10 will give me less Trouble with this old Piece of Software ?

          The only Problems I’ve got is with Tracks and Cars from here that got “Improvments” from People who tinker with the original Files.

          For example:
          You’ve got a lot of Cars from “speedster63” here, which got “Improvements” by SiGi.
          None of this Cars worked for me, the all gave me a CTD, but when I’ve downloaded the Cars from the Webpage of speedster63 and they all worked fine.

          And for this Track here:
          Like I said before I looked around on the Internet and others have Problems with this track too, so there must be something wrong.
          Sadly it seems there is no solution for the Problem, but on the other Side over 4000 (!) People must have been downloaded this from here, so hey, it must be at last working for someone !

          1. I tested the track with GTR2 standard cars in practice and in race mode with 30 cars – no crash, works fine for me.

            to rule out that the crash is not due to a mod, you should also test the track with standard cars.

            It’s true that XP was the default OS when GTR2 came out – that’s what it was tuned for and ran well with.

            If you still have old hardware from that time, e.g. a CPU with one core and 2 GB Ram, it might make sense to play GTR2 on XP with it – but if you are running newer hardware with e.g. 4-core CPU and 8GB RAM it makes absolutely no sense to use XP – especially you will have problems with newer graphics cards / drivers etc.

            Please list your hardware (CPU, RAM, graphics card) that you use on the XP computer.

            Newer graphics cards / drivers / system drivers are certainly no longer adapted / optimized for ancient operating systems such as XP etc. – why should they? Most people use Win10/11 – the developers have been tuning their software and hardware to it for years.

            As I mentioned before, XP is not nearly as stable and compatible as the new 64-bit systems. I’m sure this is the reason your GTR2 is crashing – especially since you’re also having crashes with other tracks/mods that work fine for me.

            what you can try :

            Are you using the 4GB Patch? if not, try to patch your GTR2.exe with it – however, the patch is only intended for 64-bit systems – make a backup of the original GTR2.exe first. The patch significantly increases the performance and stability of GTR2 – check your graphics settings (GTR2Config.exe) and set the shader level to “Auto”, deactivate full-screen antialiasing, VSync off. Set the graphics settings to medium in the game, especially for the shadows and try, if it will run stable with this changes.

          2. hello Torag,

            I can tell you the following regarding the “Runtime Error” from my many years of GTR2 experience:

            GTR2 tends to crash when you load a large, long addon track with many details, such as Maikita Roads Iceland, into the game for the first time. During the first loading process, a kind of “cache” file with the extension “.hat” is created. The creation of this file takes a relatively long time (depending on the hardware, this can take over 1 minute). In this “creation phase” some tracks crash.

            The same can also happen when loading a large number of vehicles into the game, especially cars with a high polygon count.

            The reason for this is insufficient system, memory or graphics memory from the system or game.

            However, I ONLY had these crashes / runtime errors with Windows XP. When I switched to Win7 x64 around 2012, I had no more problems, especially since I started using the 4GB patch.

            The 4GB patch should solve the problem – but from what I’ve read it only works with a 64-bit system – if you’re using WinXP with 64-bit it might work – for Win XP 32-bit the patch won’t do anything – but you can try it.

            When running GTR2 on XP with default cars and tracks everything works normally – but as soon as you use mods the game can always crash – keep in mind that many cars and tracks from newer games like Assetto Corsa, Forza, RR3 etc. are/were converted, which have significantly more polygons and therefore also require significantly more memory, which was not yet taken into account by the programming in GTR2 anno 2005.


  3. Torag

    Nice Work and nice Track, but sorry, I didn’t work for me.
    As soon as I start a race it give’s me a CTD.
    I looked around on the Internet and others have Problems with this track too, so there must be something wrong.

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