Mazda 323 GT-R v1.0

Mazda 323 GT-R for GTR2

Credits :

Original Mod created by chtitlolo13 2008

Original mod still downloadable at:

Addition of Rally car, 4WD settings, skins and tweaks by Zziggy Sternenstaub 2013

Wings by Dav1

tyr-file for gravel tyres from Rally World 4 by Goibaka
specialfx.tec file from Rally World 4

Mod Infos :

I¬īm a Mazda fan and found chtitlolo¬īs mod by chance. Because I liked it very much and there were only three skins, I decided to do some more. This however was difficult, because I only could do it in a 32×32 pixel dds file, so the skins are very basic. Then I wanted to create a real 4WD feeling and tweaked the settings, and also added a Rally car.

Car Infos from Wiki :

The Mazda Familia, also marketed prominently as the Mazda 323 and Mazda Protegé, is a small family car that was manufactured by Mazda between 1963 and 2003. The Familia line was replaced by the Mazda3/Axela for 2004.

It was marketed as the Familia in Japan. For export, earlier models were sold with nameplates including: “800”, “1000”, “1200”, and “1300”. In North America, the 1200 was replaced by the Mazda GLC, with newer models becoming “323” and “Proteg√©”. In Europe, all models after 1977 were called “323”.

The JDM GTX model featured four-wheel drive, viscous limited slip differentials and a turbocharged 1.8 L BP engine. In the U.S. the Protegé came with a 1.8 L SOHC non-turbocharged engine, along with 4WD. The JDM GT-R rally homologation version was added in 1992, featuring a number of enhancements over the GTX model: an aggressive front bumper, grill and bonnet vents, updated rear bumper, wheel flares, stiffer suspension and anti-roll bars with thicker cross members, and homologated five-stud wheel hubs with larger brakes. The interior was fitted with leather and suede seats, and had the option of replacing the cupholder with a 3 gauge cluster. In addition, the GTR has stronger connecting rods and pistons, larger oil squirters, larger nose crank, larger oil cooler, sodium filled valves, a baffled inlet manifold, larger injectors (from 360cc (black) to 440cc (orange)), removed boost cut, front-mounted intercooler, and an IHI VJ-23 ball bearing water-cooled turbocharger. Both the GTX and GTR models were limited to a top speed of 180kph. However, removing a screw on the back of the instrument cluster, labeled 180kph, meant that the speed limiter was removed.

The GT-R produced 210¬†PS (154¬†kW) compared to the GTX with 185¬†PS (136¬†kW). 300 special version GT-R’s were produced known as GT-Ae’s. These shared the power output of the GT-R, but were 30¬†kg (66¬†lb) lighter, fitted with closer ratio gearboxes, and featured a larger top spoiler with a gap between the hatch and the spoiler to direct air to the new lower spoiler. The wiring for ABS, A/C, power mirrors, power windows, power locks, and sunroof was removed. Instead of using the GTR’s leather interior, the lighter cloth interior of the GTX was used.


to drive the Rally car on Rally tracks, you have to use a new specialfx.tec file (found in GAMEDATA/LOCATIONS). The files specialfx-original.tec and specialfx-rally.tec are installed there with the download. BACK UP your original specialfx.tec file (you will need it for track racing again – the gravel traps otherwise are too easy to handle) and rename specialfx-rally.tec to specialfx.tec. Then you are ready to rally!

I left the original cars by chtitlolo untouched (apart from the name of the teams) and included them, so there are 7 models in this pack: chtitlolo road (1 car), Evo1 (1) and Group A (1), and the modified road (8), Group N (12), Group A (16) and Group A Rally (8).

Road car has approximately 185 hp, Evo1/GroupN cars approx.250hp, and Group A has about 330hp. So this little car is very quick !

More information about the Mazda 323 GT-R you can find here:

I didn¬īt want the Mazda 323 to be copied automatically into existing classes, so instead I set up some categories so you can race against other cars (like G3 cars etc.)

Thanks to fisheracing, 100lolface, dav1, KssMotor, hmmmguy1 and GeeDee for help and encouragement!

Have Fun!


Size: 9 MB
Version: 1.0
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