Monza 1975 v1.5

Monza 1975 for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by motorFX

Track Infos from Wiki :

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is a historic race track located near the city of Monza, north of Milan, in Italy. Built in 1922, it is the world’s third purpose-built motor racing circuit after those of Brooklands and Indianapolis. The circuit’s biggest event is the Formula One Italian Grand Prix. With the exception of 1980, the race has been hosted there since the series’s inception.

Monza 1975

Built in the Royal Villa of Monza park in a woodland setting, the site has three tracks – the 5.793-kilometre (3.600 mi) Grand Prix track, the 2.405-kilometre (1.494 mi) Junior track, and a 4.250-kilometre (2.641 mi) high speed oval track with steep bankings which has been unused for many decades and is now decaying. The major features of the main Grand Prix track include the Curva Grande, the Curva di Lesmo, the Variante Ascari and the Curva Parabolica. The high speed curve, Curva Grande, is located after the Variante del Rettifilo which is located at the end of the front straight or Rettifilo Tribune, and is usually taken flat out by Formula One cars.

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Virtual Track Infos :

Another track for the 75 period, originally the 75 tracks were conversions of a lot of 79 tracks with various texture and banner changes for Crews cars and F1 challenge, when time was short and never got around to spending much time with them. it was shelved for a later day.

Reworked the earlier released 70’s monza to resemble the 75 layout, included various pit extras, not so many textures changed apart for pits walls and odd barriers. I mainly added more barriers, some battered and changed the track layout to include the 2 chicanes one at Ascari and one on the main straight, for the 73-75 period. track length slightly changed to 5,780km. left the kerbing a bit lower on the main straight chicane so all cars make it through okay. whereas the Ascari Chicane uses higher curbing.

I know having tracks for a specific year is sometimes not a viable project, and there are already 70’s versions released but as I like racing older classic cars and F1 I thought I’d share a couple of my favourite tracks still part of the 70’s era, 75Kyalami and 75Monza, these work alongside the other variants as seperate tracks so you dont need the earlier versions for these to work. both have been updated and reworked in quite a few areas.

I know the 73chicane was slightly tighter than in 74 and 75, so I sort of used a bit artistic licence again 🙂

Includes animated marshals and rain reflections in gtr2 version. aiw contains wet path.

hope you have fun driving these ?




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3 Thoughts to “Monza 1975 v1.5”

  1. Beco1

    Infact none of these is fully satisfying. It’s just the oval added to the modern circuit with the chicanes and as I wrote the comination of the two tracks I uploaded would be the real deal. I can only kindly ask for trackbuilders to do that – I think a lot of us guys stay indoors these days. I think creating this track would be piece of cake for a professional trackbuilder – right!? Pls assist and contact the guys who could make that! And as a lil thx and appetizer:


  2. Beco1

    I have a request! I do think we still don’t have a realistic track of Monza in the 60’s! BUT if someone could combine these two tracks I linked here , i.e. take the oval from “Monza10k” and merge that with “Monza70” that would be the ultimate 60’s track also when you look at the layout of the GP-course. I’m very sure that the layout from “Monza70” is also the correct one from the 60’s i.e. with no chicanes at all! OK maybe someone pls can do that! Thx in advance! 🙂

    1. hello beco1,

      have you already tested these versions ?

      As far as I know, these routes were created realistically.


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