NAW Generator v1.2.1.7

NAW Generator for GTR2

New Advanced Weather Generator for GTR2

So What’s The Weather Like?

The idea of creating fluctuating weather arose because of a ‘bug’ in GTR2 that does not allow for weather to evolve during the various race sessions. GTR2 generates weather conditions at the onset of a session, but this weather then remains static for the entire session, including a race.

With the assistance of the communities around SimLeague and Lisgo, and with the aid of a meteorologist who helped me refine the algorithms, I have created NAW, a programme that will
accurately alter the weather patterns of each session in GTR2, in a realistic way.

NAW acts on the ‘weather.txt’ file, a file that is generated by GTR2 in which all the sessions prior to the race are stored. The meteorological conditions, and temperatures generated by NAW, are directly influenced in a ‘simul-real’ way by the climate (or track) chosen, the month of the year chosen, and the time of day.

The values of the parameters, and the range used for each climate/track, hour or month, are visible in the ‘.mbd’ folder within the application: This file is both visible, and modifiable, by anyone.

Instructions For Use

In order to use NAW, you need to select the ‘weather.txt’ file. This file can be found within the folder ‘GTR2\UserData\LOG’ for races generated by the sim itself (that is, offline races, and
online races ‘host&drive’).

This folder can also be found within the folder, ‘GTR2\UserData\LOG_Dedicated’ for races generated by the GTR2 Dedicated Server.

for more infos see included ReadMe.txt file…


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