Potrero de los Funes v3.01

Potrero de los Funes for GTR2

Circuit build from scratch by Sissou

Track Infos from Wiki :

The Lago Potrero de los Funes circuit is a race track originally constructed in 1987, and rebuilt in 2008. It is located 14 km (8.7 mi) from San Luis, capital city of the San Luis Province, Argentina. The circuit is semi-permanent, with a length of 6.27 km (3.90 mi). It was created by modifying the ring road that encircles Lake Potrero de los Funes, at the course’s center.

Potrero de los Funes Circuit (Argentina) track map.svg

The circuit has received very high praise from the drivers for its substantial undulations and numerous high speed corners and bends, which provide a great driving challenge.

The track’s layout has changed slightly from its original layout. It appears that the curve prior to where the pits are now was tightened to create a more pronounced corner ahead of the pits, and perhaps to reduce speeds on the racing line going past the new pit exit. On the opposite side of the lake, where start/finish used to be located, a chicane has been added at the first high speed bend along that stretch. Also, on the initial descending run along the lake, there has been another chicane added to reduce speeds into the following corner that has limited run-off. Therefore, the original course had slightly shorter length of 6.186 km (3.844 mi).

According to Damian Vega’s account, a meet was held at this circuit on August 15, 1987. The main event was a Turismo Carretera race. During one of the heat races, a crash occurred that resulted in the deaths of two spectators. In the feature race, there was another crash, but the driver survived, though he may have been injured. This was the circuit’s only meeting until the FIA GT weekend was held in November 2008.

On the track’s reopening, two major events were hosted in November 2008. A race weekend was shared by the Argentinian TC 2000 as well as the international FIA GT Championship. José María López won the TC 2000 event, while Bert Longin and Anthony Kumpen won the San Luis 2 Hours in their Saleen S7R.

Original ReadMe (french) :

Bonjour a tous,

Version 3.01 du circuit “Potrero de los funes” réalisé entièrement dans la Version de BobsTrackBuilder 0.803. Tres beau circuit Argentin pret de San Luis a Potrero autour d un lac sympa.

Position géographique :

latitude 33°13’47.28″ Sud
longitude 66°14’1.95″ Ouest

– version GTR2 install

Pour toute(s) question(s), propositon(s) de modif(s) ou commentaire(s), me joindre par email ici :

N’oubliez pas de visiter notre site

et egalement

РAjout des feux pitin et pitout (oubli̩s).
РAjout de batiments r̩els dans les stands.

Un grand merci a tous les pilotes pour le beta test et diverses aides précieuses.
Merci aussi aux personnes qui m’auront soutenu et me soutiennent !
également merci aux personnes qui ont créer les objets que j’intègre a mes circuits.
Merci a Mica the best pour le TGA

Et je termine par un immense remerciement a MR brendon Pywell (BOBS TRACK BUILDER) sans qui toutes ces réalisations n’auraient jamais été possible !

Merci a tous bonne route et longue vie…



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Version: 3.01
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One Thought to “Potrero de los Funes v3.01”

  1. marches

    thank you very much for this track!
    extensively tested with Osella, Formula Ford and BMW M3 in race mode
    it was a pleasure to race this track, there is not a single glitch and it looks great
    (perhaps it is nicer having increased grip values in .gdb)
    and i wonder how gorgeous could have been without the chicanes

    full 5 stars

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