Rampa do Monsanto v1.0

Rampa do Monsanto for GTR2

Track created by maynd


Thanks to BTB, thanks to the creator and whole those that create great Xpacks.
Special thanks to GTAce for all the testing made on the track and encouragement and the great release photos.
Kuato for all the help given to make the timer work.
Gaveve, bryston99, LittleZippyUK, ettore_b and DucFreak, thanks for testing the track.
F0ox for testing it on GTR2

Track Infos :

It was the year of 1969 when it entered on the schedule of the Portuguese National Championship of Speed. The “100 a hora” Club promised to organize the event that would close the championship. The event was not defined at the beginning and it raised doubts about ether or not the club would had the capacity to organize it. It took place, and for the suprise of the most, it was organized at the center of Lisbon, right at the hearth of the city, at Monsanto.

Its a fully working hillclimb with working timer, just go ahed, get out of the pits and race ! Theres one minor issues that will be corrected soon, but nothing important. It is a small but fast track which is very enjoyable to drive 😉

IMPORTANT ! its limited to 10 cars, and keep in mind that the timer will only start if u stop before the start line, it will not count if u pass trough it with more then 20 kilometer/hour.

It works fine with a good graphic card, tested with NVIDIA GeForce 9200M GE, even at night and with all detail and most objects receiving light its runs very good. For those with lowest graphic cards its not advisable to run, since it runs very slow, tested with NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE.

For all those thinking is hosting a multi-player server with the track, the way to do this is the same as Joux Plan, and contact me cus i wanna join !

Hope u all enjoy !

Contact me at illmaynd@hotmail.com


Size: 50 MB
Version: 1.0
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