Skoda Octavia RS v1.5

Skoda Octavia RS for GTR2

Credits :

The 3D Models are from
finished and revised for GTR2 by Mr.Snoo / MRS Productions 2010

Car Infos from Wiki :

The Škoda Octavia is a small family car produced by the Czech manufacturer Škoda Auto since 1996. It shares its name with an earlier Škoda model produced between 1959 and 1971. There have been three generations of the modern-era Octavia model to date, delivered with 5-door liftback sedan or 5-door estate styles only. The car is front engined, both front or four wheel drive (4×4) are offered. Around five million units were sold in its two decades of presence on the market. Octavia is Škoda’s most popular model, approximately 40% of all newly manufactured Škoda cars are Octavia.

The current generation is available in wide range of derivatives, i.e. sports Octavia RS, four-wheel drive Octavia Combi 4×4, frugal Octavia GreenLine, CNG-powered Octavia G-TEC and outdoor Octavia Scout.

The Škoda Octavia has been used in the European Touring Car Championship, the World Rally Championship and the FIA 2-Litre World Rally Cup.

Mod Infos :

Skoda Octavia RS (2005) with overall 10 different teams

5 different Rim-Types
2 different Bodies
2 different Frontbumpers
4 different Rearwings
2 different Hoods
2 different Exhaust-types

Engine Specs :

Enginemanufacturer: Skoda
Enginetype: 2.0L 4 Cylinder
Engineposition: Front
Power (PS): 287 @ 6500 rpm
Torque (NM): 390 @ 4000 rpm
Charging: Turbo
Drive mode: Frontwheeldrive
Basic weight (kg): 1120
Power to weight ratio: 3,9 kg / PS

change-log :

v1.5 :

– adapted fuel-usage
– changed tank capacity


– Damage File
– driving physics
– Tyres
– Views
– Lights
– Cockpit




– better Cockpitview
– better Rainscreen
– Hood view


internal :

– corrected Steeringwheel
– Motec
– Mirror
– better View
– Rainscreen

external :

– animated driver
– animated headmovings
– correct position of Fuel

Size: 20 MB
Version: 1.5
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