Subaru Legacy B4 G-V GT300 2011 v1.12

Subaru Legacy B4 G-V GT300 2011 for GTR2

Mod created by IZUKON x MEXES

Addon Car for the Japan SGT300 Series Mod

This car can be also installed and driven as standalone without the SGT300 Mod

All Permission granted by mexes to release all versions of the Subaru Legacy B4 Models from Generation III up to Generation V.

Car Infos from Wiki :

Similar to the Impreza that Team Cusco ran in previous years until 2008, a Legacy grand tourer car based on the fifth generation model has been built by R&D Sport for the Japanese Super GT series (GT300 class). It features a boxer-4 turbo charged engine. The car had also featured all-wheel-drive in the first season but the layout was replaced with an FR layout in 2010, which that season they got their first win in 39th Pokka Summer Special.

Team Details :

Team Director: Shinji Motojima
Team Principal: Shinji Motojima
Company: R&D SPORT Co.,Ltd.


Primary Sponsor: LEGACY B4
Other Sponsors: Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.


Based Vehicle: LEGACY B4
Chief Engineer: Nobuaki Adachi

Machine Specs:

Car Model: BM9
Dimensions (L x W): 4730 × 1920 × 1210mm
Weight: 1185kg
Wheelbase: 2750mm
Tracks (F / R): 1610mm
Transmission: 6speed sequential
Clutch: Carbon triple
Suspension: Double wishbone
Brakes F: AP Racing 6pod
Brakes R: AP Racing 4pod
Tires: Yokohama 280/710R18
Wheels: ENKEI 11J-18

Engine SpecS

Engine Model: EJ20
Type: Horizontally Opposed 4-cylinder Single-Turbo
Displacement: 1994cc
Bore & Stroke: –
Restrictor: 37.9mm×1
Max Power: Over 300PS
Max Torque: Over 40kgf・m
Lubricant: MOTUL

Engine Tuner / Maintenance

Engine Tuner: STI
Machine Maintenance: R&D SPORT

Mod History – change-log :

Version 1.12 – updates by Stimpy (22.12.2016) :

fixed transparency :

– …lines behind steeringwheel caused by reversed faced gear flippers, removed the flippers as the car uses a gearstick

– …lines around viewtec mirror caused by viewtec housing, added reversed part in the …cpit_carbon.gmt (I first removed the left section from the housing but it looked as something was missing)

– …around top left- and right window caused by the body, added reversed parts in the …cpit_body.gmt (there’s still a tiny little gap, I can’t fix this)

– …air hose, added reversed part air hose in the …cpit_rollcage.gmt

– …exterior view steeringwheel by adding reversed faced steeringwheel


The parts I’ve added with reversed faces are cutted to a minimum, so I reversed and copy only the parts needed.

exterior view steeringwheel B…

– …fixed transparency by adding reversed faced part
– …separated the spindle from steeringwheel B (ext. view), like this it turns more symmetrical.

SteeringWheelAxis is updated in the car-files.



Version 1.11 – updates by SiGi for (December 2016) :

– reduced mesh faces / points on some .gmt files for better fps / ingame performance
– fixed wrong windows entry in .CAS file wich has caused faulty representations on cockpit mirrors
– improved some values in .car files like camera, ext / internal driver, seat and shift position
– corrected Motec background position
– added required files to run the car without SGT300 Mod

good entertainment


Version 1.1 Changes by Izukon :

– Added rollcage inside the cockpit view.
– Bump textures fixed inside the cockpit view. Lightning projection is now realistic.
– Specular Mapping for the car’s body is now darker. Lightning projection in-game doesn’t make the car’s livery too bright during daytime.
– Window Glass on the Cockpit View now fixed.
– CAS Scripts for Disc GMT Medium Setting CTD fixed.
– Yellow Headlights DDS Texture now included with the texture by default.
– Itasha Paradise’s Itasha Livery DLC Pack now together with the main installer to avoid confusion on which is the DLC and the Main Installer.

Note :

There are two versions of the CAS File inside the Mod:

1. Normal Details In-Game RACE: This will use the normal type model but still in full detail
(Installed by Default)

2. Max Details In-game RACE: This will use the EXPO Floor’s Model instead of the normal one
(512MB DDR3 PCI-E Card is Required)

To replace Original with the Max Detail version Go to the mod’s directory, Open the
CAS_MAX_& file and extract the “subaru_legacy_b4_gt300_2011_max.cas”
to the mod’s directory and choose Yes to overwrite the original.

Do the same thing if you want the original model to be used instead of the max detailed version.

Special Thanks to :

mexes – For the permission and providing the entire Subaru Legacy B4 Generation III up to the
Generation V models and mega detailed textures.
Scorpyo – For providing the MOTEC fonts used in-cockpit view.
Yakkun – Even though they are working on the same mod, they still agreed on my side to release
my own version, Thank you very much TeamBB !

Install Instructions :

It is recommended that you remove any previous version of the mod (if any) before proceeding with the installation.

extract with WinRAR or else and drop the GameData folder into your
GTR2 main-directory – allow to overwrite ALL existing files with “YES ALL” – done.

no default GTR2 files will be overwritten, there should be no conflicts with other mods.



Size: 53 MB
Version: 1.12
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