Suzuka 2008-2009 SGT v2.3

Suzuka 2008-2009 SGT for GTR2


Track Infos from Wikipedia :

The Suzuka International Racing Course is a motorsport race track located in Ino, Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, Japan and operated by Mobilityland Corporation, a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co, Ltd. It has a capacity of 155,000.

Soichiro Honda decided to develop a new permanent circuit in Mie prefecture in the late 1950s. Designed as a Honda test track in 1962 by Dutchman John “Hans” Hugenholtz, Suzuka is one of few circuits in the world to have a “figure eight” layout, with the 1.2 km back straight passing over the front section by means of an overpass.

Suzuka circuit map--2005.svg

Suzuka, openly touted by F1 drivers and fans as one of the most enjoyed, is also one of the oldest remaining tracks of the Formula One World Championship, and so has a long history of races as venue of the Japanese Grand Prix since 1987. Its traditional role as one of the last Grands Prix of the season means numerous world championships have been decided at the track.

Suzuka was dropped from the Formula One calendar for the 2007 and 2008 seasons in favour of the Toyota-owned Fuji Speedway, after the latter underwent a transformation and redesign by circuit designer Hermann Tilke. Suzuka and Fuji were to alternate hosting the Japanese Grand Prix from 2009. However, after Fuji announced in July 2009 that it would no longer be part of the F1 calendar, Suzuka signed a deal to host the Japanese Grand Prix in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

The circuit closed for a year in order for the renovation to make it F1-compliant for 2009, with the last major event held on November 18, 2007, although some annual events (for instance, the Suzuka 8 Hours and Suzuka 1000km) were still held. The track held a re-opening day on April 12, 2009.

Suzuka also hosts other motorsport events including the Suzuka 1000 km endurance race. Previously a part of multiple GT racing series including the now defunct group C class of the All Japan Sports Prototype Championship, the Suzuka 1000 km as of 2006 is now a points round of the Super GT Series, and is the only race of such length in that series. In 2010, the GT500 pole position time was 1:55.237. In 2007, the GT300 pole position time was 2:06.838.

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The SIM Version :

I reproduced Suzuka of 2008-2009 years.

included layouts :

SGT SUZUKA 300km 08 (1)
SGT SUZUKA 300km 09 (1)
SGT SUZUKA pokka 1000km (1)

ALL There is malfunction AI slides off the track by one corner approach, a hairpin start, and to run.

(1) In the case of the state that copied an HAT file in “X:GTR2\GameData\Locations\HAT_Dedicated” to display a safety car by the Rawlings tart setting by the multi-play, a GTR2Dedicated server crashes in practice and a preliminary. There seems to be a problem in an AIW file so that malfunction occurs at a point in time when I copied an HAT file, but does not come by cause investigation. Therefore it is necessary to start a race in standing start or Rawlings tart of SkipFormationLap in “the state that does not copy an HAT file” by the multi-play.

(2) PIT becomes the course outside depending on a vehicle in EAST. There is malfunction in PIT.

(3) AI keeps on taking a PIT limiter in WEST, and there is the malfunction that the signal of the start cannot turn on.

In the EAST, three courses except WEST, PIT greatest 32 run is possible. The Rawlings tart is possibility only by a single play; (can lead a safety car by even a multi-play hits an exercise and the preliminary, and starting a race).


2010/02/01 : AIW FIX – Reduction of capacity of file.
2010/01/17 : The grip in the escape zone in the course is corrected.
2009/12/26 : BUG FIX for GARAGE. (08,09,pokka)

Modifies :

Suzuka performs considerable Modifies for nine years.

To the, if you have any questions, following e-mail address.

I do great thanks to SYORI on I produce this course, and editing it.



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Version: 2.3
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