Toyota Celica 2000GT TA22 v1.0

Toyota Celica 2000GT TA22 for GTR2

Mod created by Speedster63
Released : 09.06.2013

Car Infos from Wiki :

Displayed at the October 1970 Tokyo Motor Show and marketed from December of the same year, the Celica was a two-door hardtop coupe that emphasized styling and driving enjoyment based on a platform shared with the Toyota Carina sedan which is one size above the Toyota Corolla. This car was aimed at the North American market and was Toyota’s response to the 1964 Ford Mustang (Pony car) which also was a standard sedan (Ford Falcon) with stylized 2+2 bodywork.

Over the generations the Celica evolved into a “sports car“.

In Japan where different dealer chains handle different models the Celica was exclusive to Toyota Store Japanese dealerships. The Celica filled a market position previously held by the 1965–1969 Toyota Sports 800, when Toyota Corolla Store locations were previously known as Toyota Public Store then renamed in 1966 as Toyota Corolla Store.

The initial trim levels offered were ET (1.4L 4 speed), LT, ST (1.6L 5 speed) and GT (1.6L 5 speed) with GTV added in 1972. For export markets the Celica was available in three different levels of trim; LT, ST, GT.

At its introduction the Celica was only available as a pillarless hardtop notchback coupe, adopting “coke bottle styling“. The prototype SV-1 liftback was shown as a concept car at the 1971 Tokyo Motor Show & with slight modifications this was introduced in Japan in April 1973 as the 2.0L RA25 (18R-G) & 1.6L TA27 (2T-G)

The liftback was then exported to many Asian countries & Europe in RHD form as the RA28 / TA28 with either a 18R 2.0 litre or 1.6 litre 2T-B engine. After the October 1975 facelift it was available in both RHD and LHD forms in other markets. The RV-1 “concept” wagon was also shown at the 1971 Tokyo Motor Show but it did not reach production.

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In motorsports, the Celica is known for its rallying prowess. The first World Rally Championship (WRC) event for the Celica was 1972 RAC Rally when Ove Andersson drove the 1600 GTV (TA22) into the ninth place. The first victory came in the 1982 Rally of New Zealand with Björn Waldegård in a 2000GT (RA63). From 1983 to 1986, the Group B Celica Twincam Turbo (TA64) won all six WRC events in Africa they entered.

Mod-Infos :

The Celica TA22 is the next Vehicle in a Series that I converted from the Game RBR (Richard Burns Rally) to GTR2. The vehicle was built by MokuMoku for RBR and published. Thanks to the permission of Moku, I have the car converted, revised in some points, supplemented with additional parts, and provided to be integrated into a cockpit GTR2 (LHD & RHD). As for his Moku RBR Cars also offers templates for dowload, I had the only expand the new parts, which has facilitated a lot of work.

About the GenStrig some selections are possible. A GenString help is in the Mod.

As my skills in Painten are not so good in the Celica TA22 Mod five Cars included. Thanks Template I hope for some great skin’s to the little Car. The Toyota Celica 2000GT TA22 is in GTR2 associated in the Specialclass “FULL” ans my Class “Youngtimer-Race-Weekend”. The tests in GTR2 run well, there have been no problems. i had no “CTD” crashes. But, still applies to the use of this mod at your own risk ! If you found bugs you can send me an info, or if you can, the error resolve themselves and inform others about in the communities. I also released a GTL Version (Release 09.06.2013)

For use in other games of the car :

Conversions to other games are permitted. I want to ask is, are commonly referred to in the readme as the creator of the actual GTR2 or GTL mod and it is an edited by me Mod by 3D designers MokuMkou for RBR is.

This is a NON-COMMERCIAL mod, so there’s nothing I earn, so Commercial marketing of the mod and all possible conversions prohibited!

Installation Instructions :

extract the .rar file with WinRAR or similar unpacker and copy-paste the GameData folder to
your GTR2 main directory – allow to overwrite all existing folders / files with “YES ALL” – done.

Have fun with the car and sorry for my bad english,

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Size: 57 MB
Version: 1.0
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