Vancouver 90s v2.1

Vancouver 90s for GTR2

GTR2 Version by philrob

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

Molson Indy Vancouver was an annual Champ Car race held in a street circuit near BC Place and running past Science World in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada held in July or August from 1990 to 2004.

Vancouver 90s Map

On September 2, 1990, the first race took place on the original circuit, which was won by Al Unser Jr. From 1998, a new circuit was created to the east of the old Pacific Place, where only a small part of the original circuit was used. The circuit was popular with drivers and often produced an entertaining race. For most of its fifteen years, the Vancouver Indy attracted in excess of 100,000 spectators over the course of its weekends, and in 1996 held the Canadian single-day sporting event attendance record until it was beaten by the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal that year. The final event in 2004 had race day attendance of 63,000 with a total three day turnout of 158,420 spectators. However, from 2004, Vancouver was left off the Champ Car fixture list, and no race has taken place since.

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The GTR2 Version :

Version 1.0 :

I converted this track many years ago, from F12002 i think, who did the original i have no idea, but i thank you for this old track in your absence. It has been updated to rFactor standard with :

– textures redrawn concrete,banners,roads,tents etc
– new objects, trucks,speccys,tents,towers,buildings
– old objects moved/removed and positioned correctly
– aiw has been tweeked

and numerous other enhancements according to any photo evidence i could find for this version of the track. If anybody wishes to improve the aiw or cam file please feel free, or anything else for that matter.


August 2012

Version 2.0 :

– many further improvements better concrete, multitexture road, walls textures.
– Removed tent garages from pitlane replaced with correct pitlane fittings.
– Shadowing implemented, many logo changes including resizing and detail.
– Moving and repositioning of existing objects along with new haulers, speccys,
– tyre walls, buildings, jumbotrons and trackside trucks.
– Sky changes should be moving
– Changes to track lighting and AIW tweeking.

I have tried to position objects correctly according to the videos and photos i have.

dont forget to delete the vancouver90s HAT file if you had installed Ver1.


August 2013

Version 3.0 :

– remapped most of the textures
– added GTR2 bits specs bumps etc
– recreated AIW to proper GTR2 specs teleport/time trial etc
– moved and eased some barriers and walls
– i had to splice in a couple of pieces of track
– added many more spectators
– more trackside objects emergency vehicles trucks
– 33 cars allowed
– track can be found under Canada
– lots more…




Size: 33 MB
Version: 2.1
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