Volvo S60 BTCS v2.0

Volvo S60 BTCS for GTR2

reworked by SiGi (Version 2.0)


3D Model by Codemasters (Grid Autosport 2)
GTR2 Conversion by Ron123 / TrackaHolics
Cockpit taken from “STCC – The Game 2” by SimBin
MoTeC from NFSS2 GT3 2010 Cars by Scorpyo
Steering wheel from eSR SCGT GT3/GT1 Edition by LeeJr
Engine Sounds from GTR Evolution by SimBin

Skins :

Team #60 from Grid Autosport 2 by Codemasters (original driven in BTCS)

Fictional Teams :

Team #61, 62 and 63 created by Vatersbester
Team #64 is from Assetto Corsa Mod Version (Author unknown, there was no ReadMe included)

Car Infos from :

Just weeks after the all-new Volvo S60 was introduced to the public, the latest Volvo model is also being unveiled in a racing version. Volvo Cars Belgium will enter the new car in the 2010 season of the Belgian Touring Car Series. Volvo fans will not need to wait long to see the latest model in action since the premiere takes place on April 11.

“We are very happy about this development,” says Bart Crols, Managing Director at Volvo Cars Belgium. “The all-new Volvo S60 sports sedan is Volvo’s most exciting driving experience so far and there is no better way to show this than by bringing it to the race track. Volvo and the all-new S60 have a special place in the people’s hearts here as several Volvo models, including the new S60, are built in Belgium at the Volvo Cars Ghent plant.”

The new Volvo S60 race car has been developed in record time locally by Volvo’s Belgian S60 Racing Team. It has been developed in accordance with the BTCS Silhouette S1 regulations which put a major emphasis on standardised features. All cars must use a tubular chassis, the same type of front and rear suspension and aerodynamics. A uniform type of engine specification is also available but manufacturers are allowed to use own engines.

The Volvo S60 Racing Team will also operate the car at all BTCS races and the drivers are Vincent Radermecker and Eric Van De Poele.

“It has been a hectic period, but we have received great assistance from Volvo Cars’ Motorsport department” says Thomas Neri, Team Manager for the Volvo S60 Racing Team. He continues: “Our main objective is to get up to speed and to compete well in the various heats. Next season we hope to put our own in-house developed engine in the car.”

Real Technical Specification Volvo S60 BTCS :

Regulation : BTCS Silhouette S1
Chassis : Tubular frame
Front Suspension : Independent with 3-way adjustable shock absorbers
Rear Suspension : Independent with 3-way onboard adjustable shock absorbers
Brakes : 6-piston callipers, 380 mm discs at the front and 6-piston callipers, 355 mm discs at the rear
Engine : Mid-mounted standardised 3500 cc V6
Engine Power Output : 410 hp with 412 Nm at 5500rpm
Gearbox : Six-speed sequential. Rear-wheel drive
Wheels : 10″ X 18″ front and 12″ X 18″ rear
Tyres : Michelin 27/65/18 front and Michelin 30/65/18 rear

Change-log :

Version 2.0 (reworked by SiGi – January 2017) :

– reworked .gmt files (texture assigments, material names, values aso.)
– reworked Cockpit (moved steering linkage and gear parts more forward)
– created new cockpit chassis
– added new steering wheel, MoTeC aso…
– created new powered head and rear lights (also rain / reverse) incl. textures
– added new shadow and collision file
– reworked some textures
– added diskglow
– reworked .CAS and added new damage file
– reworked .car files
– reworked backfire
– added new physics *
– added new sounds
– added new teams (skins)
– created / reworked ext / internal windows banner and nameplates for cockpit
– corrected / improved expo floor
– and some more i can’t remember…

* adjusted physics equally to the Scirocco GC10 so both cars can be driven in a fair competition

Install :

extract with WinRAR or else and drop the GameData folder into your
GTR2 main-directory – allow to overwrite existing one with “YES ALL” – done.

for better sound effects, i also recommend to install this update :

Alternative Effect Sounds

Terms of Use :

– only for private, non-commercial use / entertainment
– use at your own risk

good entertainment


Size: 27 MB
Version: 2.0
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