Weather Generator v2.3

Weather Generator for GTR2

With this program you can make weatherfiles for GTR2. That way you can race with changable conditions.


A confirmation message is shown when a weatherfile has been created.


– Generates a weatherfile and a forecast.
– Changing weather conditions like changing temperatures, rain intensities and showers.
– You can, but don’t have to, adjust all kinds of settings.


Extract the rar-file


– Run GTR2WGen.exe.
– Copy the weather.txt to the correct location.
– Start GTR2 and set the rainfall slider to ‘changeable’.
– Make sure that Time Scaled Weather is OFF.
– Every time you want other weather, you have to complete the above steps.


– Copy the weather.txt to your “…\GTR2\UserData\LOG\” directory, overwriting the already present weather.txt. The created weather.txt is read-only. Leave it that way. You can see an indication of the weather in the forecast.txt.
– Make sure that Time Scaled Weather is OFF. In single player: turn it off under Realism in the Main Menu. Dedicated server: The settings of the active profile in GTR2 are used. Change them in the PLR-file (…\GTR2\Userdata\username\username.PLR). Under [ Race Conditions ] set MULTI TimeScaledWeather=”0″.
– In the GTR2WGen.ini you can change the settings.
– You can use your old ini-file. Copy the lines (under Files) regarding the message into your old ini-file if you want to disable the message.
– The weather in the warmup is the same as at the start of the race.
– No online mismatches.


– You need at least java version 1.4 to run this. The program will automatically detect whether you have this. If not, it directs you to where you can download the latest version.

Changelog :

– Confirmation message added.

– Bug fixed: reading of the session lengths from the ini-file
– Note about time scaled weather added to the readme

– 24h races supported
– Some of the algoritm and the default settings are changed

© Copyright 2007-2010 Ivan Witteveen


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Version: 2.3
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