24h of Holland v1.01

24h of Holland for GTR2

Circuit created by Frans Rosenberg (Jim Clark)

Track Infos :

This is a fictive street track, located “somewhere” in Holland, 7 km long and very fast.

It was inspired by the atmosphere of Le Mans, Spa, the old Brno en Rouen en a littlebit of the old Villa Real.

You can have the most fun with Group 2 and 5 cars, also Group C.
But Group A touringcars should also do.

updates :

– New pitlane
– Fixed some little bugs


I thank Bob’s Trackbuilder and everybody who made the X-Packs

I hope you enjoy!
Have fun!

Jim Clark (Frans)



Size: 87,7 MB
Version: 1.01
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One Thought to “24h of Holland v1.01”

  1. Anders Bricquet

    Track design is merely so-so and very, very confusing: There are long straight stretches; perhaps too many and too long……but also some nice high-speed turns. Cones on street seem to indicate where NOT to drive — but this is not the case. Driving track forwards and backwards, I never was able to correctly-determine where to veer off (a ‘fork in the road’) and where not to. Graphical and ‘clipping’ glitches abound everywhere. Many obstacles are solid (buildings, road-blocks, trees, etc.) others you drive right through.

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