90s GT Cars v1.1

90s GT Cars for GTR2

Mod created by Verde

Car-List :

Dodge/Chrysler Viper GTS-R
Dodge Viper RT/10
Marcos LM600

change-log :

Version 1.1 – 06.06.2015 :

– Steel brakes for LM600, RT10, 1996 IMSA GTS-R. Works good before heating to 600 degrees Celsius.
– Carbon brakes for other. More powerful, but needs proper heating
– New textures for both types of rotors
– New textures for all brake calipers. Most of them are from real photos
– Beta physics for 1997 GT2 Viper (Oreca) and LM600
– Working dashboard for SARD
– Spring rates fixed
– Downforce balance f/r fixed
– Coefficient of drag for GTS-R fixed. Less increase per wing setting
– Different front tires for 1996 GTS-R Vipers
– 27/65-18 for IMSA 1996, LM and Jarama BPR (from alternative liveries) and they are little bit better on braking than 27/68-18 (BPR and IMSA 1997)
– Fixed windows glass material (cpit view) for SARD and LM600. Doesn’t receive shadows now
– Some textures and other things fixed

Credits :

Verde – Physics, 3D models, textures and other
Mildrew – Sounds for Vipers and LM600

Thanks to all who help us to do this mod!
Special thanks to: alexmezza, Alex1911, O-ZERO_Racing, kvh, shadow explorer, Street Racer 77
Thanks to all photographers who share pictures of these cars!
Sorry, if I forget somebody

Great thanks to:

http://archive.org/web/ – great thing!
help me to find infos in old pages which is not available in web now!
Emission Turbo


Extract to your GTR2\

Have fun!

Known bugs :

I hope there are no bugs 😉

Disclaimer :

Please! Respect our work and don’t stole my models or textures!
If you need some parts of mod, just send me a message at nogripracing.com
Verde (Verde_msk-nogrip nickname)
Or at my mail : verde.msk@gmail.com

Please report if you see unauthorized conversions!


Size: 243 MB
Version: 1.1
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