FIA GT 1997 Mod v1.2

FIA GT 1997 Mod for GTR2

GTR2 conversion by wildman_fr

Championship Infos from Wiki :

The 1997 FIA GT Championship was the inaugural season of FIA GT Championship, an auto racing series endorsed by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and organized by the Stéphane Ratel Organisation (SRO). The FIA GT Championship replaced the BPR Global GT Series which had been held championships from 1996 to 1998 after the series was promoted by the FIA. The races featured grand touring cars conforming to two categories of regulations, GT1 and GT2, and awarded driver and team championships in each category. The season began on 13 April 1997 and ended on 26 October 1997 after 11 rounds, visiting Europe, Japan, and the United States.

Bernd Schneider and his AMG Mercedes team won the GT1 Drivers’ and Teams’ Championships, while Justin Bell and Viper Team Oreca secured the GT2 titles.

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FIA GT 1997 original mod :

Alless: Cockpits
AS-GTR: Car textures
Atomkopf: Modelling
Baggio: Testing
Bentleyexp8lover: Car textures
Broken: Information gathering & data input
Cheetah: Templates
Chipsy69: Modelling
Derheitzer: Cockpit textures
Fez: Modelling
Fonsecker: 3D rims
Ice: Saleen Mustang Menu icons and graphics
Lukester: Car textures, templates, helmets, driver suits
Mika: Cockpits
Misanthrop: Car textures, AIW editing
Porscheman: Menu screens
Speed12: Physics, AIW editing, AI setups
SteveK: Car textures
Tblincoe: Sounds
Uzzi: Helsinki Thunder Beta
Vince Klortho: Testing
Zero Signal: Menu graphics, car textures, website

Special thanks to ;

– Andy Pilgrim for providing input on the handling of the Porsche GT1.
– Godzila for letting us use his menu system as a basis for ours.
– Jonnyfilmboy for letting us use his carbon brakes.
– Mikkel and everyone else at RSC and Boomtown for their help.
– RSDG: Sebring.
– SBDT: Donington Park, Laguna Seca, and Mugello tracks. Chrysler Viper GTS-R, and Porsche 911 GT2 models.
– Slasher_GT for designing our logo.
– Tim Wheatley.
– Virtua LM Team for all their support.
–, and our patient and supportive fans.

Copyright & Permissions :

This mod is freely available to anyone, is strictly not for profit, and may not be used for commercial purposes. GTmods has no relationship with the FIA, IMSA, ACO or any of the teams or sponsors, and copyrights of those products reside with the individual copyright holders. The material provided in this mod is not connected to Electronic Arts or Image Space Inc. No support can be obtained from these companies for F1C if you have applied this patch.

The files in this mod may not be modified by anyone or converted to another video game unless permission is granted by GTmods. This mod may not be profited from commercially by a third party unless permission is granted by GTmods. If you downloaded this file from anywhere other than this website then it is being mirrored and as such may be out of date. We accept no responsibilities for losses or damage resulting from the use of this mod.

If you would like to create vehicles, improve textures or any aspect of this mod, please contact us first, as we may be able to help. In doing so, you *may* be given access to our data, pictures and even be accepted into our team, either temporarily, or permanently (depending on circumstances).

Permission is not granted to convert, release or brand any part of this mod as your own. We will be releasing a version of the mod on a newer platform in due time. More details will be released at a later date.

Special thanks to the original team to have given the permission to convert this mod !

if you want to convert the mod from my convertion , first ask the original team if they agree to see their mod converted to the platform you want , and then ask me if you want to use my conversion as a start.


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Version: 1.2
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    Physics and sounds wont be in the assetto corsa versio form these mods.

  2. 0007Csaba007

    Dear moder team i would like to ask if i could convert the callaway C4 and the mustang from this modpack to assetto corsa as a free mod.Please reply
    Best regards Csaba

    1. Makarofu

      you are jokingly joking

      1. 0007Csaba007

        Later on i realised could be better to make it from scratch

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