Adelaide Street 1988 Classic v1.1

Adelaide Street 1988 for GTR2

GTR2 Version by RacerM

inclusive update / fixes by Mc Wolf

Track Infos from Wiki :

The Adelaide Street Circuit (also known as the Adelaide Parklands Circuit) is a temporary street circuit in the East Parklands adjacent to the Adelaide central business district in South Australia, Australia.

Adelaide (short route).svg

The 3.780 km (2.349 mi) long “Grand Prix” version of the track hosted eleven Formula One Australian Grand Prix events from 1985 to 1995, as well as an American Le Mans Series endurance race on New Year’s Eve in 2000 (Race of a Thousand Years). Since 1999, a shortened version of the circuit has held the Adelaide 500 touring car race. A sprint version of the circuit has also been used since 2014.

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Sim Version :

First of all I want to thank Rickylyx, he was the one who first brought this track forward and inspired me to work on it. Plus he made major changes to the track that made it better looking, the AIW drivable and the recruiting of additional talent for assistance. Ricky redid the textures and the AIW and other numerous changes. I want to thank Quap for his new cameras that the track so deperately needed.

I placed almost all of the new models such as the cranes, cameramen (man what a pain) buildings, trees, grandstands, signs etc….

Many of the textures for the adverts come from Carrera4’s previous tracks thank you Carrera4.

Problems :

– This track has no night lighting (I hope to add it later)
– This track has no rain reflections or marshals (If someone wants to add them please do)
– Many of the buildings are not accurately placed. (We knew this but did our best with what we had)
– I still don’t have many of the textures right (canopies and Skybox)

I hope you enjoy this track. It is still a blast to drive the 1988 mod on. I know that Carrera4 is working on his own version which will be far superior to this but look at this as a stop gap until then. If you wish to make corrections or additions to this track please notify myself or Rickylyx first for permission.

Thank you for your patience !

Please do not alter this file in anyway without our permission.

ADELAIDE CLASSIC 1988 Update/Fix for GTR2 – Version 1.1 :

With permisssion from RacerM & Rickylix

Many “THANKS” for the fixed “AIW” to……

“Khan1670” (Part 1) ! ! !

“Greybrad” (Part 2) ! ! !

Special “THANX” tO “Mcoak” for the “org. GTR2 style LOD” files ! ! !

…and this is what I’ve done !

Added animated marshals !
Added rainreflections !
Added pitin/out/startlights !
Fixed colltargets for pit/garages !
Closed two wholes in the pitlane !

Have Fun !

Mc Wolf, Mar 2009


Size: 51 MB
Version: 1.1
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