Albi 1967 v3.0

Albi 1967 for GTR2

The Circuit d’Albi is a motorsport race track located in the French town of Le Sequestre near Albi, about 80 km northeast of Toulouse. The circuit has 70 years of history in motor-racing, including the 1951 French motorcycle Grand Prix. It hosted the FFSA GT Championship in 1997 and from 2002 to 2011.


Original circuit created by Alain Bosco for Grand Prix Legends
GTR2 Conversion, modification & improvements by Neel Jani
I thank Alain Bosco for authorizations

Details :

The realization of this new version is made from new photographs that I could find on
the Internet photographs that I had not found previous versions.

So I redid the garages, the main grandstand, adding the platform and step Is that bore
the name “yellow grandstand step” on the line right Rajol. The entire rolling surface is
reviewed, as well as all parties land, is all new textures, adding many more items.

Important :

Older vehicles type and brand, VW T1 Pick-up VW t1 Bosch, VW T1 Lanz-Bulldog Service,
Citroen Hy, Ambulance Delahaye type 112 1932 Truck Laffly support team Gordini, Truck
workshop team BMC Morris and The Peugeot D3a Boblebric are the property of, and in
no case can be used for other circuits, without prior permission of the original author.

his eMail

Thank you for carrying a Philcout 3DSMAX under the Michelin Man
Thierry81 new AIW for 42 cars maximum

As testers, Boblebric, Hughes & Thierry81

Known Issue :

If you are programming a rolling start, do not interrupt. Finish rolling start to the starting line.

Disclaimer :

Albi67 – All rights reserved

1. Conversion, modification or re-use of all or part of Albi67 is not allowed.
2. File modification is not packaged authorized.
3. No use for commercial purposes.

thanks to :

SimBin for GTR2
Photoshop CS5
SimGarage 3DSIMED
Google SketchUp

Contact : eMail


Size: 70 MB
Version: 3.0
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