Albacete 2005 v1.21

Albacete 2005 for GTR2

Circuito de Albacete is a motorsports facility located in Albacete, Spain, opened in 1990. The main circuit is 3.550 km (2.206 mi) long with 14 turns, 8 of them right turns and 6 left turns. The facility can also be configured in two other layouts: a 2.237 km (1.390 mi) long circuit with 8 turns, 5 right and 3 left, and a 1.336 km (0.830 mi) short circuit with 6 turns, 5 right and 1 left.

GTR2 Conversion by Zwiss

rFactor version made by Alfredo Martinez.
The Albacete track is a Spanish track used mainly for Motorcycles and truck racing.

Website of the real track:


– optimisation of meshes in 3DMAX
– rainreflections,
– animated marchalls
– improved textures and spec maps, multi-mapping
– GTR2 LODS by FrankyBB & die_Locke
– AIW assistance by Khan1670

More work on textures and objects and many other improvements is to come for V2.0

Update 1.2 :

– new grandstands and new bridge (thanks to RacerM)
– smaller track parts for better FPS
– track reflects light now
– smaller wall-GMTs for better FPS
– some new textures


– I am re-doing all the walls in 3DSMAX, to bring them up to real life…
– more trees and track side objects
– better textures for buildings and adds


Update v1.21 by BenMk1 :

This is a AIW fix for the Albacete track v1.2 from zwiss

fix: I have integrated groove


thanks for permission zwiss

Have Fun


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Version: 1.21
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