Algarve v1.2

Algarve for GTR2

Autodromo Internacional Algarve

created by 6ecko for GTR2

Autodromo Internacional Algarve, converted from rFactor with permission from the original creator of this great track, nFerraz !!!


– Animated marshalls, photographers, etc.
– Corners indicators
– AIW for GTR2
– Startlight, pitin /out
– Little works on the shadows
– Rain Reflects
– Add Announcers

Update 1.0:

– AIW Pit fix.
– Fix ATI Cards problem.
– Horizon fix.
– improved fps.
– improved gravel and grass textures.
– Add objects.
– New camera.
– Add NightLights.
– Alternative Loading Screens.

Update 1.1:

– Smooth Pitout
– GDB Correction

Update 1.2:

– New short version (fictionnal layout)
– Decrease TRK and HAT file
– Reduce textures size
– Delete lots polygons
– News AIW
– Add garage doors


Before, make you sure you have delete the old “Portimao” folder, otherwise you should have a problem to play !

Extract to GTR2\GameData\Locations

Special thanks and credits:

nferraz, for his great work on this track and allowing myself to convert it for GTR²,Race Series & GTL.
Fanlebowsky for confidence and linking with nuno.
Khan1670 for his AIW fix.
Sunalp2 for find problem with ATi cards.
Luigi for new camera.
Loading Screens by FrankBB and Blackhawk.
Brice for all his test. 😉
Simbin for GTR².

6ecko (for our community)


Size: 52 MB
Version: 1.2
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