American V10 Chrysler Viper Pack v1.0

American V10 Chrysler Viper Pack for GTR2

Skins created by [ISR]-Raiden-

Addon Team Skins for the default GTR2 Chrysler Viper GTS-R

This pack contains 12 Chrylser Viper which I made during my “painter-career”.

–> Startech Motorsport #127 & #128 – the first concepts for a Viper skin in GTR1; December 2004; previously unreleased
–> Startech Motorsport Marlboro #72 – released in the RDN Carpack; August 2005
–> Startech Motorsport #60 & #61 – part of the GTSE mod for GTR1; August 2006
–> RSM Motorsport #94 – part of the GTSE mod; August 2006
–> RSM Motorsport #72 – my car for use during 2006 season; June 2006
–> In Shadows Racing #72 – repaint of the RSM Viper #72 after the GTLP Funevent in Spa; September 2006
–> Hendrick Motorsport #46, #51(1) & #51(2) – Designs from “Days of Thunder”; December 2006
–> Skoal Bandit Racing #33 – NASCAR Design, modified version in the GTSEC mod for GTR2; December 2006

All cars were completly rebuild, with help of the originals from GTR1 (if there were some).


Just unzip to your GTR2 main directory. Nothing will be overwritten.

Copyright Notice:

You are not allowed to use this cars for a mod/another carpack without my permission.

Have fun with the cars,

Size: 21 MB
Version: 1.0
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