Anneau du Rhin 2010 v1.1

Anneau du Rhin 2010 for GTR2

Track from scratch build by Boblebric and Neel Jani

First of all, I would like to thank my friend Neel Jani, who accepts to be a partner in this job.
Without him, this track would not exist !

The improvements are the following ones with regard to 2008 version :

Regulation (Lodin / Lodout) of all the objects, modification of the shadows :
the shadows of trees send back on the track, on the ground, but not on the car bodies,
nor in cockpits, This aims at a FPS gain so that the track is fluid, even on modest computing

advertisements and objects addition seen on 2010 vidéos.
Correction of the horizon, to better respect the real landscape.
Modifications of ripples, and addition of “Collision Walls” in the zone between the entrance and
the exit of pits, to avoid going beyond the guardrail further to a driving fault.
Deletion of the traffic cones which are not present on the track during the races
(only used for the public access sessions).
Deletion of the “Drift” version because we don’t had any message in return letting us think that it was used.


AIW : Thierrydu81 (An enormous “Thank You” for your hard work, Thierry)
Cameras : Luigi
Assistance for the 3D improvement: Vivemclaren – Philcout
(he also gave us permission to use the 3D of his Dino 246GT mod)
Few vehicules by Phicout and TheSky
HD Horizon : Fred_as

Tools :

Bob’s Track Builder
Google Sketchup
Photoshop Elements
Google Earth and Géoportail
Thanks to Simbin for GTR2

One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with images from
These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit for more

Betâ-testers :

Pontiac (Rest in Peace, Friend)
Neel Jani

At last many thanks to:

Ben68, who knows the real track, because he often rides on it with his personnal car.
He help us a lot to validate the shape of the circuit, and he sends us a lot of pictures
we need for our work.

Patricia and Sandra for correcting my translations of the readme’s and thanks to Maryline for her
patience when Boblebric is playing on his computer !

Thank you infinitely, and all our respect to Mr. RINALDI, CEO of the real track, for its reaction and
its information feedbacks further to the release of the 2008 version.

Have a lot of fun!

If you want to send us any comment, suggestion or bug report :

E-Mail contact :

We would like you to avoid publishing any kind of modification of this track.
Please send us your proposal of improvement or your modification request.
There are three reasons for this procedure:

– Respect for the persons working on this project
– Improving our releases
– Avoiding the reproduction of versions and patches, as well as on-line conflicts, which can be caused by an excessive reproduction of different versions.


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Version: 1.1
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