Apricot Hill v1.0

Apricot Hill for GTR2

Apricot Hill Raceway fix for GTR2 v1.00 by BenMK1

this is the version you found on F1classic (from Ville), converted from Gran Turismo.

fixes :

• AIW: Groove, PaceCar, TimeTrial, small corrction AI DryLine in Chicane
• .jpg converted to .dds
• Startlights
• Lod files: Apri_LOD.jpg, AprThmb.tga, ApricotHillTrack.bmp
• other small things

Track-Infos :

Apricot Hill Raceway is a high-speed racetrack with some lower-speed sections. Although circuits undergo slight changes every game, little of Apricot Hill has actually changed. It shape somewhat resembles a number 7 in reverse. The course features lots of elevation changes throughout, as well as blind corners…read more


Before installing this updated version, delete FIRST the old version (if exist in the Locations directory),
then copy this folder in your GTR2 Locations folder.


S. Frank (KieferDJW) for converting the track to GTR2

Have fun


Size: 28 MB
Version: 1.0
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