Attia Stadt GP v1.11

Attia Stadt GP for GTR2

GTR2 conversion and revised by BenMK1

I have convertetd Attia Stadt Grand Prix v1.10 from rFactor, created by Rodrrico.

change-log :

Version 1.11 :

• .TRK: 2 LodOut (trees) higher
• .AIW: small correcting wp_pos/wp_path/wp_event/wp_width/wp_dwidth

Version 1.1 :

• AIW with new groove, corrected AI speed, working TimeTrial, and other fix
• gmts and trk overworked for better fps
• bug: In Night any material is black

new :

• integrated Rain reflect
• integrated NightLight
• integrated Photoflash
• integrated Fire
• integrated Firework

Credits :

thanks to Rodrrico for this track and permission to convert it to GTR2 !

Have Fun



Size: 84 MB
Version: 1.11
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