Autobahnfahrt v1.2

Autobahnfahrt for GTR2

GTR2 Version revised by BenMK1

based on the rFactor Version 1.20 by Bjorn Klaassen

Credits and Thanks for permission :

Bjorn Klaassen for the original rFactor Track
Lachub for converting the rFactor Version 1.1 to GTR2
thanks to NeelJ for help

change-log :

Version 1.20 :

• Any Lodout higher and more Visgroups deactivate, Fog visible in Mirror
• Flying birds (material is from track Daytona Int’l Speedway (RacerM). I have made the new flying animation.)

Version v1.10 :

– Working TimeTrial start position
– Split Track, Rain, Terrain, Wall, Grass, and other gmts for better fps
– More mirror details

Version v1.01 :

– AIW fix Fuel Use, small correction

Version 1.0 (inital release) :

– AI Dry Line overwork (not complete, there are incorect and missing Waypoints)
– Any Waypoints repaired and move on correct position. AI and Map Plugin now better working. AI smaller crashs. End of Sector 3 are many Waypoints incorect (mixed positions, AI PitStop and Map Plugin can not correct work) – This is to big work for manual correction.
– Grid and Pit Position overworked, Race now correct start
– Groove
– better AI
– Adding refection of rain
– Startinglight
– Correction GDB & TRK (thanks to NeelJ for help)
– Correction 3D mesh (thanks NeelJ for this)

not fixed :

– AI PitStop not working. Race only work without tank stop, or AI go often in pit and DNF.
– not correct TimeTrial starting position
– no Marshal

Have fun



Size: 109 MB
Version: 1.2
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