Autobahnfahrt v1.2

Autobahnfahrt for GTR2

GTR2 Version revised by BenMK1

based on the rFactor Version 1.20 by Bjorn Klaassen

Credits and Thanks for permission :

Bjorn Klaassen for the original rFactor Track
Lachub for converting the rFactor Version 1.1 to GTR2
thanks to NeelJ for help

change-log :

Version 1.20 :

• Any Lodout higher and more Visgroups deactivate, Fog visible in Mirror
• Flying birds (material is from track Daytona Int’l Speedway (RacerM). I have made the new flying animation.)

Version v1.10 :

– Working TimeTrial start position
– Split Track, Rain, Terrain, Wall, Grass, and other gmts for better fps
– More mirror details

Version v1.01 :

– AIW fix Fuel Use, small correction

Version 1.0 (inital release) :

– AI Dry Line overwork (not complete, there are incorect and missing Waypoints)
– Any Waypoints repaired and move on correct position. AI and Map Plugin now better working. AI smaller crashs. End of Sector 3 are many Waypoints incorect (mixed positions, AI PitStop and Map Plugin can not correct work) – This is to big work for manual correction.
– Grid and Pit Position overworked, Race now correct start
– Groove
– better AI
– Adding refection of rain
– Startinglight
– Correction GDB & TRK (thanks to NeelJ for help)
– Correction 3D mesh (thanks NeelJ for this)

not fixed :

– AI PitStop not working. Race only work without tank stop, or AI go often in pit and DNF.
– not correct TimeTrial starting position
– no Marshal

Have fun



Size: 109 MB
Version: 1.2
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One Thought to “Autobahnfahrt v1.2”

  1. Anders Bricquet

    The grotesquely-named — if not ‘aptly-named “Autobahnfahrt” circuit is one hell of a ‘fantasy’ circuit. The creator of this track has an amazing imagination. Some textures are kind of ‘fake’ looking, others ‘cool’ looking. Flora and sea water give one the impression that they are racing in some kind of an imaginary futuristic large utopian metropolis in the Caribbean or the South Pacific.

    Track is extremely confusing and varied. It’s about impossible to get a ‘feel’ of how fast or slow to take turns -of which that are innumerable and extraordinary variation. There are some long straight-ways as well. A very long, somewhat fun, but also simultaneously ‘aggravating’ track to attempt to drive…

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