Audi Sportwagen Mod TRC v2.0

Audi Sportwagen Mod TRC for GTR2

Idea und 3D Models by TRC ( BullDog13 )
Sounds created by Citytea

Mod-info :

This mod is based on some fictional, partly real prototype from sratch build Audi RS4 and R8.

included classes :

* Audi R8GT
* Audi RS4
* Audi RS4 V8

this version includes also new physic and engine datas – the old skins from v1.0 can be still used.

Installation :


If you still have installed the old Audi Sportwagen Mod v1.0 make sure that you complete REMOVE it before installing this new version !

1) extract the mod-file with WinRAR or else
2) copy the GameData folder and paste it into your GTR2 main-directory (for example X:\GTR2)
3) allow to overwrite the existing GameData with “YES ALL”
4) done.

– there will be no original GTR2 files overwritten
– there should be no conflicts with other mods / cars

used Tools :

* 3DSimED
* ZModeler
* Photoshop
* GEditor

Disclaimer :

This mod is not an official Simbin Product / Addon.

This mod was only build for private entertainment, therefore it’s not allowed to use or offer this mod/cars in any kind of ways for commercial purposes.

It’s not allowed to use, convert or publish files / contents from this mod in other projects without our explicit permission.

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

Use it at your own risk – we assume no liability for possible damages.

Only the following websites are allowed to offer/host the TRC Audi Sportwagen Mod : (Official Author Website)

njoy !


Size: 104 MB
Version: 2.0

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