Australia Le Mans v6.6

Australia Le Mans for GTR2

created by legendsatlunch

Welcome to the Aus Lemans Special Edition!

An open rd lemans style circuit event. Located in NSW, Australia
Just under 10k’s long….

Since it was so popular I have completely redone everything for all sims!!!!!

So be patiant they will turn up.

v5.5 :

– 32 grid spots
– Fixed pace car ( hopefully!)

I have now hopefully fixed most of the troublesome buits…

Included are 3 .TRK files.
Default has Haybales set to Raceweekend only, Col, Moveable and a new material name ‘haybl’ – the other 2 are ‘No haybales’ and ‘Haybales no Col, Moveable’….

Just move/rename which ever you like to the track folder and track name…..

– fixed white post material
– and changed hay bale texture…

Many Thanks to CX650 for his hard work at creating the loading screens, Cheers mate!

Many thanks also to XJR for the track bmps. Brilliant, thank you !

I would like to dedicate this circuit to my best mate Colin.
He was a great friend!… I am missing him heaps.

Many thanks to the following guys, I kinda pinched their entries for the NoGrip Banner Comp.
Love em all, I hope you don’t mind….

cassio, pizzaman, ruhisu, scyrion

Watch for the intersections!

Hope it works ok.

Also thanks to Piddy for BTB

Many thanks to the following people for the excellent work in creating the models and textures for the xpacks :

Golly : EWE textures
Drew : Textures
Duff Buckets : Race Objects
Wierdbeard : Hayward Club
delu77 : roadside objects
Raceking : Savannah Grasslands
jay_p_666/rbr : Great Britain
woodn : dirt track Equipment
woodn : Race car trailers
woodn : Track tyres
austinman55 : Tire Walls
Sisco : Asfalto varios
Mauro Torena : Mauro Industrial Buildings
Parlesportes : Lots of Xpacks!
Zaxxon : Lots of xpacks!

Mr Men Mod Team
Der Dumeklemmer : textures
Bud Lucas, Lkwfan, Kendo, Maxattack

And any one else I may have missed! Thank you.
All of My readme’s are updated so as new versions are released, you will all be given credit for helping me with my stuff!

Also to Isi/simbin for some of theirs……

Cheers all and hope you enjoy!
Legends Paul


Size: 84 MB
Version: 6.6
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