Autobahn v1.1

Autobahn for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion & updates by khan1670

First off, I’d like to thank James Mabe of Team IDT for bringing us this great track to rFactor and allowing myself to convert it to GTL/GTR2/Evo.

See the original rFactor readme inside for more details about the track.


Delete any previous version you may have 1st, including hat files.
Extract directly to your GTR2\gamedata\locations directory.

Changeses in 1.1:

Fixed missing groove on South course
All shadows changed to Static which should give better FPS.


* All 3 layouts from original rFactor version v1.0
* Rain reflections
* Animated marshalls
* Functioning safety car and GTR2 pits

My story of Autobahn :

Oddly enough this was the first ever track I received permission to convert. Unfortunately, 3dsimed wasn’t able to handle the UV mappings on the gmt’s so the track never came out right and wasn’t releaseable.

During this time community members such as Mcwolf helped me with some marshal problems and Kimmo Kokinen did the rain reflections for the track.

Due to the issues with the track, it ended taking the back seat for a long time and I’ve released a handful of conversions since.

I actually ended up losing all work on the track at one point.

Anyway 3dsimed has been since updated and can now convert the track properly so here it is all redone from the beginning.

Extra’s Notes:

The original author asked me to keep the loading screens intact so the rfactor loading screens are included.

However in the Extra’s directory you’ll find GTR2 lod’s by Frankybb. Thank you!

Patrickramirez has also done a great set of new cams. His race cams are the default cams for each layout.

You will find the original track cams as well as the race cams and hotlap/pit/paddock cams by patrick also in the Extra’s directory.

Thanks Patrick!

Special thanks to:

James Mabe of Team IDT, creator of the original rFactor track. Fantastic job!
McWolf who helped me with the marshals
Patrickramirez who has provided some fantastic new cams!
Kimmo Kokinen who originally did the rain reflections for the track.
Frankybb for GTR2 lod’s

Thanks to all those who’ve helped me learn so much in the community.

Known issues:

The safety car and AI enter the pits a little slow on the full course.
I’ve fixed it as best I could but you may still get the odd incident.
The track does not have start lights as the real track has none.


As of this time this track is restricted to :

Please do not upload it anywhere else.
Please do not modify this track without permission.

Thank you and enjoy the track!!



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Version: 1.1
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