Australian Carrera Cup 1999 v1.0

Australian Carrera Cup 1999 for GTR2

Install :

To install extract to desktop, then cut ‘n’ paste into your gtr2 main folder & let it overwrite or extract to GTR2/Gamedata/Teams/24hr/Porsche 996 Cup Teams.

These cars are a originally from Australian Carrera Cup Mod for GTR.

Thanks to the original authors T-Man & PlaYz for letting me give these 996 Carrera’s a new lease of life for GTR2.

This car pack contains 15 teams & 23 cars from the Australian Carrera Cup 1999

Drive em fast ……gazman


Mod assembled by:

S.Charlie Gog


Extract into your GTR2 main folder.It shouldnt overwrite any important or needed files. It will create a brand new stand alone mod called “Australian Carrera Cup” the car classes will be named APCC.

Also included is a custom championship(when in that option to find it scroll all the way down the custom championship list to find it…i forgot to put the 000_ in front of the name…feel free to =D )

If any problems occur or for any questions please contact gazman or myself


Size: 53 MB
Version: 1.0
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