Autodrom Most v1.03

Autodrom Most for GTR2

revised for GTR2 by derDumeklemmer


Zdenek Hubner created his home track from the scratch for rF with the official permission of the owners of Autodrom Most. Pls. notice the original, official EULA in this archive. He did a great job and reached an unbelievable level of detail and realism.

– My biggest respect for this kind job! –

– Zdenek Hubner for his scratch build and his permission to convert his great work to GTL
– Autodrom Most for the permission to simulate the track in in GTL as well as in rF
– Mc_Wolf for animated marshals
– LOD and trackicons by FrankyBB & BlackHawk2LW

Track Infos from Wikipedia (translated with google translate) :

The Autodrom Most is a permanent race track in the Czech Republic in the immediate vicinity of the town of Most. The track length is 4,148 meters with a width of 12 to 15 meters. It runs in a clockwise direction and offers 11 right and 19 left turns. After dismantling the left chicane after start and finish in 2005, there are 10 and 18 turns.

Autodrom Most

The racetrack has existed since 1983. But since 1947 races have been held in Most on alternating road courses. Until the permanent opening even international races for the Interseries took place on the city highway. In 2008, most of the track was re-asphalted. A homologation exists on the part of the FIM for up to 39 motorcycles. The volume of the individual machine on normal days (test drives) must not exceed 105 dB, which excludes racing machines. Only at official races louder values are allowed.

The track is approved by the FIA for touring cars, formula cars up to 3l (without Formula 1) and trucks. There are also kart races.

The paddock consists of a paved part and a non-asphalted for camping. Boxing at the track (pit lane), gas station and restaurant are part of the infrastructure on site.

more infos about the track can be found here

GTR2 Features :

– Working Start-/PitIn-/Pitoutlight
– Animated mashalls
– Full featured AIW (36 cars)
– Rain Reflections


– DutchDevil for getting me started in conversion issues
– MotorfX and Greybrad for the kind AIW guidance
– Dave Noonan for giving us his amazing tools
– The Blender project ( for providing this fantastic 3d-Modeler
– Dumeklemmerin for all her paticence and understanding

..and all the guys I’m in contact due to conversion issues.


– none


V1.03 – 2020-03-01 :
– new AIW from scratch for chicaned layout to enable race groove (new AIW with race groove for regular layout will follow soon)

V1.02 – 2020-02-28 :
– fixed clipping skybox in TV-Cams

V1.01 – 2008-03-21 :
– fixed missing function of Start-/Pitlights in chicaned layout
– increased starting grid to 36 cars
– fixed fuel consumption
– included AIW fixes by Khan1670

V1.0 – 2008-03-16 :
– initial GTL/GTR2 version

Have fun,
Der Dumeklemmer



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Version: 1.03
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