Avus 2025 v1.1

Avus 2025 for GTR2

created by Franky (10.10.2013)

– 5,420 Km Racetesttrack near Berlin, Germany
– Builded with BTB Evo

The legendary old Avus Berlin was planned in 1909 for a cars testtrack. In 1913 the works beginning, but in 1914 was stopped because the WW1. only in 1921 the track was finished and opened. The first circuit of the Avus was 19 Km long, in 1926 it hosts the first Grand Prix of Germany. In this race four pilots dies.

In 1937 was buildet the legendary 43,6° Parabolica (Nordkurve) but it result very dangerous. At the same time was builded also new tribunes.

After the 2nd WW the Track was completly reworked and cutted at 8,3 Km. in 1957 the Parabolica was remooved, because to dangerous, and changed by a new flatter curve. In the following Years the Track was cutted and reworked many times an finaly integrated in the Autobahn net of Berlin. in 1989 the Track was closed.

Some voices say there is a new modern Project for another highspeed racetrack outside Berlin, Avus 2. Welcome by different sponsors…The works for the new Avus track building should begin in 2022, ten Km outside Berlin. It should finished and open in 2025… .

…..OK. This is only fantasy! But the Projekt is here!
Avus 2025! (fictional) Drivable for all fans of racing simulators, kick down!
I hope You like it and have fun by driving!

(and sorry for my bad English)!


Will say thank You to R8 Gordini for his patience and help by reworking the gdb file and the fantastic Fix by AIW file!

Danke Tom!

Thanks also for all the XPacks made to use in BTB specialy for the Cicada buildings I used in this Track.

In Version 1.00 :

– Pit and startlight OK
– peace car OK
– marshals OK
– 36 cars running
– Track has no rain reflections


Copy and paste the (2025 Avus) folder in to your …Gamedata/Location folder!

v1.1 – update by BenMK1

fixed :

• AIW: Grid and Pits from 36 -> 102 Cars, Timetrial working, Pacecar position
• GDB: Grip, TireHeat and other newly adjusted
• TRK: Full Mirror details, LodOut values overworked, 25 shadows set to dynamic, and any other
• Rain Reflect
• Lod overwork


In 2025Avus.gdb the value for Max Vehicles is set to 36. You can set it up to 102 with a Texteditor.

When set Max Vehicles to 102 cars:

In the pit is very little space when full Grid, so the cars are close together, a few in 2nd row (by PitIn).
After Qual and Race any cars go in Pit and than return to track. 102 GTR2 cars on track aren’t
a problem. Mods with higher quality cars need more RAM, GTR2 can crash (out of memory).


thanks to Franky for the track and for permission to update it !

Have Fun


Size: 39 MB
Version: 1.1
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