Avus 1993 v1.0

Avus 1993 for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion & updates by ZWISS

The Automobil-Verkehrs- und Übungs-Straße, better known as AVUS, is a public road that was also
used as a motor racing circuit. It is located in the south-western districts of Berlin, Germany,
between Charlottenburg and Nikolassee, and is nowadays an important part of the public highway
system, as Bundesautobahn 115.


1913: building of the Avus started, but the war would cause work to be delayed by many years.
1921: Avus finally ready for racing and testing. Lenghth 19.569 km
1937: a steep banking is made at the north turn. The track is now 19.279 km
1951: a new South curve is made, shortening the track to 8.299 km.
1959: the German GP is held at the Avus. Jean Behra dies at the north curve in a support race.
1967: the banking is demolished. The track is now 8.109 km.
1989: the track is shortened to 4.879 km
1992: the track shortened to 2.639 km and a chicane is added just before the north curve.
1994: an extra chicane is inserted at the north curve.
1995: Keith Odor dies at the north curve when in a Touring car race
1998: last race on the Avus.


– original track made for NR2003 by Alfredo Martinez Romera.
– conversion to GTR2 done by Peter Kuhn.
– several improvements by f1_edition
– Deutschland Halle, tv tower, Mercedes building and main grandstand by Jim-46
– GTR2 LODS done by FrankyBB & BlackHawk

Done by me:

Almost everything is remodelled and remapped in 3DS MAX, and many new objects created:
Messe buildings, new fenses with poles, light poles, rain reflection, collision wall, track surface, chicane …
Some AIW work is done.. but its not perfect.


the AIW is not perfect (rolling start has problems, and there is a small timing issue at the finish line, and the cars leaving the pits join the racing live too soon)


I made invisible objects at the chicane, so you will be punished, but not have a total loss right away.


I dont want to put more effort into this version because the layout is not very accurate.
Unless a brand new post 90 Avus is already in the pipe line somewhere else, I will make
a new one, starting from Google earth, with a more accurate layout.

Anyone who can contribute to making a better version by making pictures of buildings
and track objects, please let me know.

Have fun


Size: 37 MB
Version: 1.0
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