Barcelona 2003 Texture update v0.9

Barcelona 2003 Texture update for GTR2

Smorr / Empty Box’s “Community Track Textures” Project – Barcelona TEST

Basically, this is a WIP version of a much larger texture set. This is mainly to have a large basis of open (With a simple credit to the texture creator in the readme) for use by Track makers.
While I have zero understanding of making tracks, I do texture. I figure there are those track makers who can make tracks, but lack textures. Basically, I’m trying to give those people some assistance.

I plan on making SEVERAL different variants of textures of different colors, such as fall or late season grass; fresh tarmac and well used tarmac. This will be an ongoing project for quite some time, and dependant on feedback from YOU – if you tell me what you would like to see I’ll take a look at doing it. I will NOT be doing track updates, once I get a first set of the CTT Project, it will be up to you to do so if you would like. I will not be making individual signs for tracks, but WILL create a template if you will with weathering already built in.

Install :

To use this, simply extract the files to your GTR2\GameData\Locations\Barcelona\ folder.

This is a set of loose textures, nothing overwritten and no mismatches.
If you choose to revert to the stock GTR2 textures, simply delete the added textures.

Change Log :

v0.85 – First Release
v0.90 – Second Release

– Updated Rumble Strips
– More correct to Barcelona grass color

So, what is this Barcelona update?

Basically, Barcelona has served as my basis for plugging the textures ingame. I decided to use a standard GTR2 track because that should be to the same standard as the community. Also, I felt the standard tracks a bit….. I guess you could say dry. The grass just didn’t look alive to me, it lacked life. This is not a simple saturation tool job in photoshop. All textures included.

This is a loose file install, no overwrites, no mismatches at all, don’t like it; remove the files and be done) were created from scratch. As of right now, this package includes new grass, rumble strips, gravel and road textures. I will update when I get around to doing the signs and wall textures. Again, Barcelona is mearly serving as a standard basis for my textures – I have no intent of creating a Barcelona realistic texture update.

Even though this is a community based project, as of now it is still a WIP development. I’m choosing this to upload now to get some feedback from the community, and will update as I go. Being that this is a WIP development, DO NOT use these textures in any of your projects. Even though the textures will be open to all eventually, right now I want to get the first pack out before doing so. Please be patient.

PLEASE leave feedback on what you DO and DON’T like. Don’t be afraid to criticise – just remember, if you don’t tell me, I can’t fix it.



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