Blue Mountain v1.0

Blue Mountain for GTR2

GTR2 Version by Legendsatlunch & Neel Jani

It is with great pleasure that we present to you Blue Mountain. Created by Steve Evasic for GPL. Many thanks for permission to rerelease this great track. I started to convert this wonderful track to GTR EVO and then created a 3d background to hide the edges of the circuit. I also created a grid walk and the animated marshalls. (first time effort for me).

Whilst testing I thought this would be brilliant and right at home in GTL so I contacted Neelj to assist in making the best of this truly excellent circuit. Neel has done a magnificent job with the help of the people listed below. I hope this track brings great enjoyment and another ‘classic track’ to the GTL and simbin titles. Many thanks go to DutchDevil and crew for their excellent work in converting to Rfactor. Thanks go to many people for this convertion. The following is from Neelj detailing his efforts. Many thanks to all !


Blue Mountain modification information:

90% of textures are redone, and only the textures of fences, front of houses, hay bales and trees are still in the rFactor version.

So I did a lot of changes and corrections for this new version :

– GMT-Changing Track, more grass and border
– Modification forums and improvement
– Editing and adding Flagmarshals Hut
– Night-lighting, and put my fire models in and out of the stands, more fire starting
– Added the reflection of the rain versions, GTR2 and Race07
– Correction of the trees was high in the field
– Optimization GMT (bias + Specular Power) for an optimal visual
– Changing the garages, adding more doors
– and adding new objects…

I also saw your vision into a 3D Skybox, because as you had fai, this causes a problems on both ends of the circuit.

Credits :

– TheSky for the correction of a section of track (Track GMT) and the program
– Zmodeler without this correction the system is unusable,
– Vivemclaren and for participation in corrections in 3dsmax
– Thierry81 redid the entire AIW, and are up to 36 cars for GTL, and 64 cars & GTR2 Race07

Many thanks to testers,
TheSky, Thierry81 & Boblebric.

The programs used for these fixes and improvements are :


Again thanks to all and Happy racing!


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Version: 1.0
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