BMW 840ci v1.0

BMW 840ci for GTR2

Scratch made BMW 840ci by Christopher Schmitt alias Schmiddy @

I have to thank many persons that helped me to create this mod. First of all I want to thank the owner of the original real world car Mr.Martin Wagenstetter for providing so much usefull data and for letting me take so many pictures of his car. This was the only way to get proper and realistic textures for this car!

Since this started as a universtiy project I want to thank my former 3D teacher Dr.Wolfgang Höhl and Ben Erdt and his friend Niko Wuttke. Those two helped me out with a lot of questions
and 3d issues.

Also thanks to Joerg0815 who did the eng and grb files for me and helped me to get into GTR2 modding as well as Cooky, Kart1803, Heizer, FrankyBB and DM2zzion. Not to forget the online
forums of and

Last I want to thank Hutto for giving me the idea for this project and Shawn for beta testing and listening to all my problems and complains.

Programs being used to create:

Autodesk 3ds-Max 2011 with ISI-Plugin and 3ds-Max 2012, Adobe Photoshop CS5.5,
Adobe Audition, Tom’sEngineShop, 3DsimED, GEditor and most important: Notepad 😉

To install :

please extract and copy into your GTR2 folder so GameData-Folder will be “integrated”. This mod is completely stand-alone so it does not require any further files and it is fully compatible with any third party GTR2 content. To remove it just manually delete all the files that were in the archive from your GTR2 Installation. There is a BMW_840ci_HD_TEX.GTR. It can be used to replace the tex in high quality.

For modders and painters – There is a tutorial in German language for how to paint this car here:

I strongly recommend watching it even though you don’t speak German. The Template can be found there, too. The restricted version has been built to fit Pilsbierbude NG3 Class. Do only create skin for this NG3 version!

Legal stuff:

This mod is free to download.
However it is strictly prohibited to publish this car or it’s template on any website or to change it in any way with exception of the gdb file and its related lines in the *.car-files or to convert it to an other game without my permission.

All the used trademark symbols are property of their owners. I do not take any responsibility for any potential issues caused by this mod in any way.

To contact me, please send me a personal message on


Size: 53 MB
Version: 1.0

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