BMW M3 GT1 v3.0

BMW M3 GT1 for GTR2

Mod created by Scarface

The basic car (BMW M3 GTR) comes from SimBin Development Team AB. I have optimized and adjusted the whole thing, to a GT1 version. I’m a big fan of the GT1 class and want to resurrect it, at least in the simulation world.

Things done by me:

• Optimized materials and material settings for better graphics.
• Three different standalone wheel styles.
• Proper splitter, wing and diffuser have been built.
• A bit of a different cockpit.
• Created whole new physics for the car, suspension, aerodynamics, dimensions etc.
• New engine and gearbox.
• Changed tyre parameters, didn’t raise the grip of the tires, but optimized the physical radius and width.
• Added the Bridgestone Potenza tire model, with a different grip level than others.

The car’s virtual specifications are:

• BMW S70/3 6.1 liter 60° V12 (McLaren F1 GTR Longtail – LM 1998)
• 620 bhp @ 7500 rpm
• 651 Nm @ 5600 rpm
• A dry weight of 1130 kg.
• Ratios to around 313 kph.
• A rev range from 7700 to 8300 rpm.
• Tire sizes of F: 355/680 x18 and R: 385/705 x18.
• A wheelbase of 2719 mm and a track of F: 1608 mm and R: 1558 mm. The supsension dimensions/positions are fixed, to get them as real as possible.
• Undertray parameters, which should match the real car by 95% (95% because of the splitter, diffusor and floor changes).

There is a single test car with a tuned production based BMW engine:

• BMW S62B50 5.0 liter 90° V8 (BMW M5 E39/Z8 E52 – 1998-2005)
• 600 bhp @ 8000 rpm
• 700 Nm @ 5200 rpm
• A rev range from 8200 to 8800 rpm.
The rest of the specs remain unchanged to the V12 cars, except for the gear ratios.

I have done a lot of time consuming research of the real BMW M3 GTR and did my best to get the car to the standards I like. I searched for everything possible to get the car’s real specs, implemented them into the game and adjusted them to GT1 levels.

Also a lot of testing on a many different tracks and development went into this mod, since the idea of it in 2009. I expect the needed respect for this mod and don’t want to see any work of mine getting messed up.

The old version (v2.1) of the M3 GTRS is not included anymore, since its much more of a tuned street car, which does not really fit into a racing simulation.

I have optimitzed that version too, but I will keep it for myself for the reason above.


• To use the mod, simply extract the GameData folder to your GTR2 folder and let things be overwritten.
• Make sure that you keep the original folders in the .zip file, to get everything to work properly (diagrams etc.).
• The used sounds are all GTR2 standards with a few .aud file adjustments (Jaguar V12 sound and BMw V8 Sound), so no complicated researches are needed.
• Nothing of any original game content will be overwritten.
• You can find the cars in game just were the original BMW M3 GTR can be found.
• Templates are included. In case you don’t want to use the high resolution ones, just resize them….

Known bugs:

• Carbon parts are not paintable (not really a bug, but should be known)
• The very low bottom of the rear bumper has a distorted mapping, I recommend that no text or logos are placed there.
• In case of new paintjobs I also recommend, that people use the chassis style 0, because all of the other 3 styles (1,2,3) have their own individual masks, which depend on the specific paintjob. Otherwise your paintjob will look silly in game. The 2 cars in the “PRD Testcars” folder have the right style.

Thank you for downloading this mod.

© Andy “Scarface” Doerffer 2013


I am not responsible for any damage or malfunction on your soft- and/or hardware.
You alone are responsible for that and take the risk, if you install this mod.
I don’t want to see any conversion to other games and/or platforms without my permission!
Respect my work and don’t do anything you would regret, if you wouldn’t sit in front of a computer screen.


Size: 48 MB
Version: 3.0
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