BMW M3 GTR Challenge v1.0

BMW M3 GTR Challenge for GTR2

This is the BMW M3 GTR Challenge for GTR2. 38 Cars and 19 Teams running in an individual championship. It was designed to enable leagues and communities to run cup races/championships with the BMW M3 GTR.

– Use the installer to install the BMW M3 GTR Challenge.
– To uninstall read the “Uninstall BMW M3 Challenge.txt”
– All cars are standalone
– Carpack/Mod works in all modes

The following classes will be added to the existing classes :

– BMW Challenge
– 24hrs Event – Formula OR 24hrs M3GTR Challenge
– Championship – Individual – Formula M3GTR Challenge

The BMW M3 Challenge works online and also offline as an individual championship.

Offline 24hrs is also included.


We thank :

mm13indy – for his awesome paintjobs and designs
fifty – “Hollderadiljo!!!!!” -sponsor research, post production and design
woofi – design and art-work
Nydreider – for his unbeliebale render work
G-Sauce – “The Mother”
matz13 – all the necessary coding that was needed – “You´re a genius” –
Stevie T – video artwork
my Veestie – Technical Support
Frenzy Lame and Le Saux @
The guys of for their support in testing and hosting

Simbin and Blimey! Games also the godfather of sims (his higness 😀 )
– for GTR2 – well done guys!!!

10tacle publishing – supporting
RSC – for providing a community-plattform for free – DONATE !!!!
FILSCA – visit and support FILSCA – offering fantastic solutions and
a plattform to present your league

Hope we didn´t forget anyone ! If so,we do apologize.


always remember – all painters provide their work for free. Respect their work.

If you use or edit their files ask for permission. It only “costs” an email !

And now stop reading – enjoy !!!!

Let´s race!!!! 😉

See you on track – treat em´ well

FILES LAST MODIFIED OCT 15, 2006 By matz13 & G-Sauce


Size: 59 MB
Version: 1.0
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