Borough Green Raceway 2016 v1.0

Borough Green Raceway 2016 for GTR2

Created by Dingo-j

GT Course with chicane only.
The other layouts will follow as small updates.


Borough Green Raceway is a fictional permanent racetrack located in Borough Green, England.
The track features a variety of layouts, including:

> Formula Course (with and without chicane)- high speed track meant for sticky formula cars

> GT Course (with and without chicane) – a great track for all classes of GT and touring cars. Replaces the back straight in section 2 with a more twisty section of track which includes a tight U-turn.

> GT Alternate Course – same as the GT Course except the alternate section of track is run in the reverse direction. This version of the GT course also uses the Club section of the track, making the course slightly shorter than the regular GT version.

>Club Course – A shorter version of the track great for club racers. It avoids the tight U corner and long straights associated with the other versions of the track.


This started as a track I released back in 2011 called KRM Raceway. KRM, which stood for Kyalami ReMade, was based off of the ’76 version of the Kyalami Race track – a track I fell in love with and raced constantly. I was never quite happy with the name or the end results of my KRM track, and so spent many months updating, tweaking and fixing those things I didn’t like. Now, after MUCH work, I present the reworked and renamed : Borough Green Raceway.

Created entirely with Bob’s Track Builder.

Please do not make any changes to any of the versions without contacting me first.


1. Copy the BoroughGreen folder from this zip to your Locations directory and let it overwrite:

Example of path (for steam version of game):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GTR 2 – FIA GT Racing Game\GameData\Locations\


I would like to thank everyone that has created X-packs for Bob’s Track Builder.
Without all of those x-packs this track would not be possible. X-packs used:

3D People by maks
3D crowds by carTOON
Basic City Xpack by Dosgraphix
Ennis Extras by Ennis Fargis
European Road Elements by delu77
Great Britain by jay_p_666
Haywood Club by WeirdBeard
Mauro Pack by Mauro Torena
N_L Pack by N. Louienco
Race Trailers by Woodn
Race Objects by Duff Buckets
Road Mild by Ennis Fargis
Rulers by Ennis Fargis
Rural Australia by Ennis Fargis
Savannah Grasslands by Raceking
Start Pole Pole Signs by carTOON
Texture Compilation by nikeface
Tire Wall by Austinman55
Trackside Sign by Soramame
Tree Collection by Bob Pritchard
US Cars by unknown
Vegetation by Kytt


Size: 176 MB
Version: 1.0
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