Bremgarten GP 1954 v1.0

Bremgarten GP 1954 for GTR2

Bremgarten 1954 Swiss Grand Prix , Bern
Track from scratch by Boblebric and NeelJani

Maximum Car Grid : 36

Real track history :

The Circuit Bremgarten was a 7.28 km (4.524-mi) motorsport race track in Bern, Switzerland which formerly hosted the Formula One Swiss Grand Prix and the Swiss motorcycle Grand Prix.

Bremgarten was built as a motorcycle racing track in 1931 in the Bremgartenwald (Bremgarten forest) in the north of Bern. The circuit itself has no true straight; it is a collection of high-speed corners. It hosted its first automobile race in 1934, which claimed the life of driver Hugh Hamilton. In 1948 it claimed the life of Italian racer Achille Varzi. From the outset, Bremgarten’s tree-lined roads, often poor light conditions and changes in road surface made for what was acknowledged to be a very dangerous circuit, especially in the wet.

Bremgarten has not hosted an official motorsport event since 1955, when spectator racing sports, with the exception of hillclimbing and rallying, were banned in Switzerland following
the 1955 Le Mans disaster. Although there was a 1982 Swiss Grand Prix. It took place in Dijon, France.

(Crédit : Wikipédia)


Boblebric : 3D, Objects
NeelJani : tests, Objects creation and placement, Graphic optimization
Thierry du 81 : tests, AIW
Cameras : Luigi

3D additional objects :
Philcout : Bibendum Michelin
CoreMaster (Google Sketchup) : Sandbagsf

Beta testers :


Thanks :

Philcout : 3DSmax tutorials (specially : the excellent Unwrap tutorial. Without it, no one from scratch vehicle on this track)
Loco : 3DSmax tutorials
Frehot : Display video

Mister Denjean, Automobile electrician in Foix, Ariege, France, for is help to have optimal pictures of his Citroën HY van. All the cars collectors who presents their cars in meetings,
so I could picture old cars, and create skins.

ISI and Simbin, for their moddable simulations. So, a community could create additional content, and play with it. Let us hope that the future simulations will allow the newcomers to continue the modding easily!

Notice :

this realization has not any common point with the excellent version of the circuit created for Grand Prix Legend by Martin Zutter Raymond “Ray Geering” and John Basara, then converted for GT Legends and rFactor by Strava. We decided to resumeall the work, to propose a version answering the current standards in term of 3D. This circuit is particularly important for my friend NeelJani, because it is the only Swiss track used in international competitions.

Tools :

GoogleEarth, Bing, old maps for the plan, Bob’s Track Builder, 3DSMax, 3DSimed, Google Sketchup, Photoshop for the track realization, Internet for the documentation and the pictures.

One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit for more

Warning :

Any kind of commercial use is not allowed.
The modification of the contents of the archive is not authorized.
For any project of conversion, modification, or re-use of object, please addresses the creators for an authorization request.

If you want to send us any comment, suggestion or bug report :
E-Mail contact : &

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Size: 149 MB
Version: 1.0
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