Bryar Raceway Park 1964 v1.0

Bryar Raceway Park 1964 for GTR2

Track created by B. Dibble
released : September 27, 2011

Bryar Raceway Park is an original track created in Bob’s Track Builder.
Bryar hosted several of the early Trans-Am races in the 1960’s.

Testing: Toonces, Kliest, Greg7, et alia.

We wish to thank Brendon Pywell for his wonderful Bob’s Track Builder, without which we could not even dream of building tracks, and the following individuals for publishing BTB Xpacks containing textures and objects used in constructing this track: EnnisFargis, Jay_P-666, WierdBeard, Chub Pearson, R Soul, carToon, zaxxon, austinman55, kytt, and Big Carva.

Track History:

Bryar Motorsports Park opened as a kart track in 1960. A 1/5 mile dirt oval was added near the later paved tracks in 1961 and was in use from 1961 to 1963; it was also referred to as Route 106 Midway Raceway. The 1.6 mile paved road course was opened in 1964 and was in use from 1964 to 1989, in 1989 they ran only motorcycles. A paved 1/5 mile oval was added in 1965, the oval was located in the infield, infilling a portion of the pond was used from 1965 through 1988.

In 1968 a 5/8 mile paved oval was opened, it was also located in the infield by infilling more of the pond. It was in use from 1968 through 1988. A 1/4 mile paved drag-strip using the main straight and infilling the remaining pond was added in the 1970s.

Bryar Motorsports Park was purchased by Bob Bahre in 1989. The existing complex was dismantled and the modern one mile paved oval and 1.6 mile paved road course were built on the site. The one mile oval opened on July 14th, 1990 and the road course opened the following year.

Most notably Bryar Motorsports Park hosted the Trans-AM series from 1966 until 1972.


unzip to the “\GameData\Locations” subdirectory


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Version: 1.0
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