Carhamaiw v0.92

Carhamaiw for GTR2

This is a FICTIONAL CIRCULAR SKID-PAD TEST TRACK for GTR2 to be used for performing “in game” experiments relating to chassis set-up variations, tire selections, etc., or just to have fun.


Re-release with:
– Lap Counter/Timer now works for all lanes (# 2 through # 16).
– Fix for the CTD problem.


This is a scratch built track by GSTARAZ, who because of his generous good nature, has offered it to our community free with permission “to use, share, modify” as desired. GSTARAZ has presented this track as a ‘first edition”, leaving the opportunity to complete and embellish as desired by the users. I thank him for this interesting gift!


– The layout contains sixteen (16) “test lanes”, arranged in five (5) groups each with different degrees of banking – total paved area is 80 acres.
– All lanes have zero 0% grade.
– A 1000 ft. long (0% grade) acceleration lane.
– Direction of travel is clockwise ( CW ).
– Supports AI racing.
– Can be run DRY or WET, and DAY or NIGHT.
– Supports Motec data logging and replays


Delete your CARHAMAIW v0.91
Delete your CARHAMAIW.Hat file.
Download CARHAMAIW v0.92 to a separate folder and copy the “Locations” folder into:
“GTR2\Gamedata” ……..and allow all overwrites.


Original release

– Carham Speedway v0.9 by GSTARAZ (xx-xx-2009)
– Re-released as: CARHAMAIW v0.91 by Carham
– Re-released as: CARHAMAIW v0.92 by Carham (Jan. 12, 2010) – Fixed the Lap Counter/Timer


– Cars drop down to track surface and bounce (heavily) when being released for the start.
– On rolling starts, the field separates into two packs before taking the green flag.

FUTURE PROJECTS LIST (Desireable projects needing community support):

– Change the track name.
– Add a counter-clockwise ( CCW ) version for “Oval Track” racers.
– Add illumination for the “Marlboro” start-finish-line banner for night racing.
– Add lane numbering visible from car while running laps.


GSTARAZ for the original track model and the CARHAMAIW version including the AIW file .
Bob’s Track Builder
Read Me page and Beta testing: Carham.
Revised (.AIW) file: Carham

DATE – This Page:

– Original: 09-0X-2009
– Revised: 12-16-2009
– Revised: 01-12-2010


Size: 28 MB
Version: 0.92
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