Cannonball Run USA v1.0

Cannonball Run USA for GTR2

Note :

if your game crash during loading process (or on track) make sure that you have installed the 4GB Patch, this should solve the problem. it will take some minutes till the track is loaded, so be patient…


GTR2 Conversion & updats by BenMK1

I have converted Cannonball Run USA v3.60 (rFactor) from Johannes Rojola and lee_knight

6 Layouts included :

– 8BallRun (84.7km/52.94m)
– 8BallRunRev (84.7km/52.94m)
– MountainPass (41.0km/25.63m)
– TarbabysTour (68.3km/42.69m)
– TarbabysTourRev (68.3km/42.69m)
– WhitesandsExpress (52.0km/32.50m)

Check the rF readme file for more infos to the track.

fixed :

– rF Mirror problem is fixed
– AI braking under bridge (by the city) is fixed (8BallRun & 8BallRunRev)

bugs :

– On the 4 round courses the groove is not visible. I think the AIW file is to big!
– flickering car shadows and car front light

New specialfx.tec :

For the salt effect you need new entrys in the specialfx.tec, in …\GameData\Locations folders.
In this package is an updated file and the original GTR2 file.

Without this 3 files GTR2 is crashing when loading this track.


Files musst in track folder or in …\GTR2\GameData\Teams (than all tracks can use this).

Credits :

thanks to Johannes Rojola and lee_knight for this track and give me permission
thanks to DMZ for the SKIDICE.DDS, SKIDSNOW.DDS & SNOWSPLASH.DDS graphic files

Have Fun



Size: 82 MB
Version: 1.0
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