Cheetah GT V8 1964 v2.01

Cheetah GT V8 1964 for GTR2

Absolute Modding Team presents to the whole community the 1964 CHEETAH V8

Original mod by Dave Sabre at HSO, who kindly gave us permission in the following terms:

“Hi,You are ok to convert the Cheetah to GTR2.
All that I say is that if I like what you do then I am able to use your work on the Cheetah wherever I like without seeking your permission.
Regards, Dave”

Credits – Absolute Modding team: (in alphabetic order)
Danica P.
JC Macedo
Mr. Wonka

Advisers & Friends:

V2.0 readme addition:

We now have a brand new version of the AMT 1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah finished. This version has many improvements as well as 2 new additions. The mod now has 2 roadster versions.

All improvements come from Looseether as well as the 2 new additions. He has done a fantastic job making this a very much better looking mod. There are 17 improvements noted in the Looseether edits readme file included in the archive.

The most apparent besides the new additions is that all cars now have proper internal and external drivers.

The only other changes made, Hmmguy did, and are rather minor in comparison. 1 is that this is no longer in the GTL-GTR2 string so is a proper stand alone mod.

The sounds remain unchanged so are fine to overwrite. The other minor change is that he made a small increase to the lateral grip of the front tires.  He did this to make the cars slightly more tail happy as were the original real cars.

For install, just unzip in GTR2/Gamedata

updates by Looseether :

1. Removed ugly arms from steering wheel.
2. Fixed rotation angle of steering wheel.
3. Added external animated driver.
4. Corrected head/helmet model to work properly with animated external driver.
5. Fixed car body skinning so instead of having 6 copies of the same car body now there is only one car body that gets painted with a different skin per car.
6. Added internal cockpit driver and adjusted hands to wheel. – Legs still to do.
7. Moved exhaust smoke to closer match exhaust pipe position.
8. Added external mirrors and included my *trademark* reflective external mirror material settings 😉
9. Gave each driver their own unique suit that matches both internal and external models – I used default Simbin skins.
10. Painted helmets adding specular material to give helmet shine.
11. Added RPM Light to dash – rpm light was already working but wasn’t visible until lit.
12. Painted needles on external view gauges.
13. Packed unique car folder textures to .GTR files.
14. Fixed material/texture conflict with 70Sebring track – wheel spokes no longer pink !
15. Enlarged and moved gauges and rpm light for better visibility. – Although less accurate positions than real life.
15. Created Roadster Cars – #18 & #25 – Thanks freedriver for the fire extinguisher model.
16. Added Rainscreen – Thanks Borek.
17. Created Painting templates.

Have fun !

Loose Ether March 2018

Version 2.01 – updates by SiGi, January 2023 :

i made some quick improvements for this low-poly classic car :

– corrected position for left cockpit mirror (was shining trough cpit-body before)
– remapped / corrected distorted mirror glass
– separeted the middle mirror with new texture
– reworked windows (now more transparent)
– activated internal driver
– improved some values in .car files (driver position, camera target etc.)
– added new body shadow texture (better anti-aliasing)
– corrected expo floor height

Size: 72,1 MB
Version: 2.01
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3 Thoughts to “Cheetah GT V8 1964 v2.01”

  1. bmw328is

    Why just a soft tire? Tried racing the 377 version at Castle Combe classic and the car flipped 7 times in 3 laps. Tried the 327 version and, after softening the sway bars significantly, managed to keep it on the road, but what this car needs is some harder tires.

  2. joeschmoe

    Thank You for the updates SiGi !

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