Corner Inlet Racing Club v2.0

Corner Inlet Racing Club for GTR2

I’ve started some fictional hill climb tracks located in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

Locally there have been a few motor sport events, notably the WRC style rally stages through the Streslecki ranges. Other events were a 4wd mud run at a town called Yanakie and the motor cross track nearby. Phillip Island is only 1 hr away and we have the BryantPark “HauntedHills” hill climb track in the Latrobe Valley 3/4 hr drive (Which I have started making). My Tracks are hill climb style events.

CIHC is a closed circuit track, Located on a friends farm, south east of a little town called Fish Creek.5 1/2 k’s of gear chompin heaven! I am pretty happy with the track surface, I don’t want smooth n easy, lol, It’s a challenge but getting a clean lap is very rewarding. gears are cruitial (ratios that is)……There are lots if elevation changes, Most of the map is as true to life as Ge will allow, but I have modified some areas to create atmosphere….This track is sort of turning into a multi event venue so stay tuned! lol

With the later editions of BTB I have now gotten this to a stage where I am very happy with it in GTr2….

There’s 20 ai, though I made this track with one car in mind…..I have added a heap of new stuff and changed the road yet again to make it a bit more GTR2 friendly, ie smoothed the chicane style bump at the first garage etc….. I have changed some of the textures, especially the grass! many thanks to Uwe ‘ Der Dumeklemmer…for the textures from the GTL version he converted.

Credits :

Also thanks to Piddy for BTB

Many thanks to the following people for the excellent work in creating the models and textures for the xpacks :

Golly : EWE textures
Duff Buckets : Race Objects
Wierdbeard : Hayward Club
delu77 : roadside objects
Raceking : Savannah Grasslands
jay_p_666/rbr : Great Britain
woodn : dirt track Equipment
woodn : Race car trailers
woodn : Track tyres
Mr Men Mod Team
Der Dumeklemmer : textures
Bud Lucas, Lkwfan, Kendo.

And any one else I may have missed! Thankyou.

Also to Isi/simbin for some of theirs……

I have now made some of my own textures and models, if you would like to use them please feel free…..

I have included a hat file for the convenience of faster load times. which also means an Evo version is on it’s way too!

Install :

drop the GameData and UserData folder into your GTR2 main-directory
and allow to overwrite with “YES ALL” existing ones – done.

Hope your still reading….
Cheers and enjoy the tracks!
Paul….. Legendsatlunch


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Version: 2.0
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