Crystal Palace v1.22

Crystal Palace for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion & updates by ken (motorFX)

GPLea Crystal Palace

inclusive latest updates

version 1.22 :

fixed problem with some experiencing lockups, updated cameras, remapped some areas (eg , pit entrance wall and grass under bridge), made new treewalls and added more in background, and made new horizon to emulate the track is in london …

Track-Infos :

from the GPL version using, Dave Noonans`Trackmaker and 3dsimed, and put through Max for final smoothing and lots of additional work and editing,…hopefully you will see it still replicates the old version of the track ….

I`ve made and created, nearly all new Textures, but in keeping with some of the banners of the period. Although I`ve made new AIWs` for both GTL and GTR2 with wet path, and made the cameras using the “Camera Toolbox Beta tool” these could probably be improved upon later….

and maybe folk will prefer the appropiate loading screens, but for now I`ve borrowed the one from phil. both tracks are using marshal and spectator animations, and added water reflections in GTR2 version the race groove has been optomised for GTL, and I`ve kept the shadows down to a minimum for all round use..

GPLea `s Crystal Palace for GTR2 and GTL, based on the real layout used in 1953 until 1972 in London, UK in the other real tracks from GPlea , they chose to give us, it does seem quite a good challenge and fun to race on even though its a short circuit of 1.39 miles, you can see why the BBC have broadcast some good races and its still included in the 100 greatest sporting moments !

Real Track Infos from Wiki :

Crystal Palace circuit is a former motor racing circuit in Crystal Palace Park in the Crystal Palace area of south London, England. The route of the track is still largely extant but the roads are now mainly used for access to the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre located in the park, and to events within the upper parts of Crystal Palace Park. Some parts of the track are closed off but part is used for an annual Sprint Meeting held on the Spring Bank Holiday weekend, until 2017, when it was held on the August holiday weekend.

Credits :

Thanks to Nils and the GPlea team, for allowing me to convert,
GPLea`s excellent track for GPL,

special thanks to Andy, my youngest for all the testing he`s enjoyed ……


Ken H


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Version: 1.22
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2 Thoughts to “Crystal Palace v1.22”

  1. marches

    Thank you for this nice track.
    There are a couple of corners that are quite technical and are a lot of fun to drive
    with the small Formula For and Formula BMW – the way Rindt was a master to enter
    each corner (send the car to oversteer and anticipate the steering)

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