Dodge Challenger RT Cup 2009 v1.0

Dodge Challenger RT Cup 2009 for GTR2

Mod created by scca1981

The Challenger R/T Cup is a fictional racing series based on the 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T Street Car.

Physics wise, the real car features a 425HP Hemi V8. This version has a lightly tuned 500HP version that would be quite possible with some light upgrades such as a computer chip, exhaust, racing fuel and removal of un-needed engine components (HVAC, Smog). The transmission is based on the real life 6 speed Tremec TR-6060 with the gearing swapped to the more road racing friendly ratios of the 2007 Mustang GT500. The transmission is not adjustable to fit with the spec cup style i’m aiming for. The weight is based on the real life SRT8 Drag car which is 1000lbs lighter than the very heavy weight street car. The suspension has been swapped to full race components and will not mimic the street car.

With these modifications the car is pretty fast, but won’t completely stick to the pavement. You will still have to earn your times and be easy on the throttle. FPS may lack on slow machines. Some optimization was done though and it should overall perform better than the other Codemasters cars i’ve done.


Place the Gamedata folder included into your main GTR2 directory. (X:/GTR2)
If it doesn’t work you didn’t read this.


Original Model: Codemasters
Pieces/Parts/Sounds: Simbin

Special thanks to all the skinners and beta testers that helped me get this where its at!

In no particular order:

CodeF1 -Buffalo Skin and Physics testing
HPI-rcr -Bombardier/MagnaFlow/Wrangler/HurstSE/Monster/PlumbCrazy/
Privateer/RAGEOrange/TWK/HurstMopar/Coors Skins
Thunder-Ice -Dentine/Marlboro/Mobil1/Pennzoil Skins
SlapHappy – GroupFive/Harley-Davidson Skins
swviper -EmilyStrange/MonsterEnergy/Sobe Skins
alexSchmurtz -HolidayInn/Powerade/NoFear Skins
Kick Astronaut -Batter Blaster Skin

If I missed anyone i’m sorry!

Terms of Use :

Use this mod at your own risk.
Do not convert without permission.
No updates/release’s other than skins are permitted.



Size: 83,3 MB
Version: 1.0
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