Eastern Creek 2006 v1.0

Eastern Creek 2006 for GTR2

Converted to GTR2 By MR_INGALL

Real Track Infos from Wiki :

Sydney Motorsport Park (known until May 2012 as Eastern Creek International Raceway) is a motorsport circuit located on Brabham Drive, Eastern Creek (40-kilometres west of the Sydney CBD), New South Wales, Australia, adjacent to the Western Sydney International Dragway. It was built and is owned by the New South Wales Government and is operated by the Australian Racing Drivers Club. The circuit is the only permanent track in Australia with an FIA Grade 2 International license and is licensed for both cars and motorcycles.

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Virtual Track Infos :

Circuit Length: 3.93 kms
Race Direction: anti-clockwise

Interesting Fact: Although not used for the 2006 V8 Supercar championship. Eastern Creek makes its return in 2007 hosting round 5 from 9-11 June.

Max Grid: 32 Cars


– TV Screens
– Rain Reflections
– Working Pit and Startlights

Thanks To:

TC for cams
MR_JayfORCE for loaders
All the beta testers that helped test this track
Codies Race Driver series


Because of small pit area pits spots are limited to avoid not getting a pit spot make sure you REQUEST a pit stop and DO NOT enter pits until your pitchief says its ok.




As you cross the start finish line half way down the long main straight, you are doing around 270kph, but you are already starting to set yourself up for the fast left hander which is turn one. The straight actually continues down into the start of the drag strip and as you turn left you actually feel like you are heading down a side road in fourth gear.

That is actually a bit of an illusion because the track widens up as you go through the corner. It is then into the left-hand hairpin which is actually fairly long and wide, but still a first-gear corner. There are two or three different lines through here, depending on how your car is working. There is a rise on the exit, which makes the car quite light and easy to spin the rear wheels.

It is then up to the quick right-hander, building speed as you go. Initially the car is well settled, but by the time the corner is over you are doing around 160kph and the car squirms because of the speed you have carried through it.

You then go down the short back straight and over a rise where the wheels leave the ground and the car becomes very light, this is a bit of fun. It is then into a quick down change to a right and left-hander which you treat as one.

Out the left hander and you are into a technical part of the track with a series of left and right handers before getting to another hairpin – There are another 10 gear changes before reaching this point. This is tricky because the road drops away. If you carry too much speed you will just not make the inside apex. I think this is where Mick Doohan and Alex Barros came off in a GP a few years ago.

You then shoot up to the last corner where you need to take the late apex to come on to the straight and have a straight line as soon as possible. You need to get on to the power early and drag top gear immediately. The downhill run helps.

If everything goes to plan you should clock a lap around the one minute and 31-second mark.

Source: Marcos Ambrose – www.v8supercar.com.au

Installation Instructions :

extract the .rar file with WinRAR or similar unpacker and drop the
track-folder into your GTR2\GameData\Locations\…directory – done.


Size: 20 MB
Version: 1.0
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