eSR SCGT GT3-GT1 Edition v1.01

eSR SCGT GT3-GT1 Edition for GTR2

Version : 1.01
Plattform : GTR2
Project-Start : 2011
Released : October 2013
Official Mod-Thread : link

passwort zum entpacken – password for extracting : TuRbO369


EA…………………3D-Models (NFS Shift-2) *
LeeJr……………..Idea, Concept, Car-Conversion, 3D-Modding, Physics, Skins and much more…
=SiGi=…………..Sound-Arrangement & small updates / improvments

* Megane Trophy Model from rFactor, modified by BettesP
* McLaren MP-12C Bodykit-4 also from rFactor, found in the NAGP Mod
(author unknown as there is no one listed in the Readme)

for sound infos / authors please check the file “eSR SCGT Series Sounds.txt”

Mod-Infos :

The eSR SCGT GT3 / GT1 contains 36 different Car-Models, divided in two classes.

Some cars in the GT-Classes do not participate in real and have been fictional added. The cars have been converted from NFS Shift and NFS SHIFT2 by EA, adapted and modified for the game GTR2. The physics is the same for all cars and was developed specifically for this Mod. The difference between the classes is mainly on the engine power – the handling of the cars is also different, depending of the engine-position (emphasis), height and lenght of the cars.

Technical Specifications :

GT1 Class : 680 HP @ 7750 RPM / 720 NM @ 6500 RPM
GT3 Class : 610 HP @ 7750 RPM / 650 NM @ 6500 RPM

Fuel Consumption, depending on the HP : between 3.0 – 3.8 liters per lap, Testtrack Istanbul GP
Tires : 10% more grip then original GTR2, improved tire-wear
Cars-Weight : 1090 KG – differences between engine postions, depending of front or rear
Physics : all equal from wings, brakes, suspensions, gearbox, cgheight, aerodynamic aso…

Car List and Classes :

GT1 Class :

Aston Martin DBR9
Audi R8 LMS
BMW M3 E92
Camaro GT
Ferrari F50 GT
Ferrari FXX EVO
Ford GT1
Gumpert Apollo GT
Koenigsegg Agera R
Lamborghini LP670 R-SV
Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
Lexus LFA GT
McLaren F1 GTR
Nissan GTR
Nissan R35 GT-R
Pagani Huayra C9
Pagani Zonda R
Viper SRT10 ACR

GT3 Class :

Alfa Romeo 8C
Aston Martin DBRS9
Bentley Continental GT3
BMW Alpina B6
Corvette Z06
Ferrari 458 Italia
Jaguar XKR RSR
Lamborghini Gallardo LP600
Lexus IS GT
Mazda RX-8
McLaren MP4-12C
Mercedes SL 65 AMG
Mercedes SLS AMG
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO-X
Porsche 997 RSR EVO
Renault Megane Trophy

for real technical vehicle datas please see in game under “Showroom – Specifications”

Mod History – change-log :

Version 1.01 (by SiGi – 31/03/2014)
– fixed fuel consumption

Version 1.0 (by LeeJr & SiGi – 21/10/2013)

Changes in the eSR SCGT GT3-GT1 Edition :

– all GT2 Cars have been added to the GT3 Class and the engine power was accordingly adapted to 610 HP – overall now 18 cars selectable in GT3 Class.

– all GTR Cars have been added to the GT1 Class and the engine power was accordingly adapted to 680 HP – overall now 18 cars selectable in GT1 Class.

– Engine Lifetime increased (optimized for Endurance Races)
– hoodview fixed on Camaro GT
– all graph-files for tec-infos have been added to a separate folder

Install Insctructions and Settings :

1) extract the mod-file with WinRAR or else
2) copy the GameData folder and paste it into your GTR2 main-directory
3) allow to overwrite ALL existing Files and Folders !

– there will be no original GTR2 files overwritten
– there should be no conflicts with original cars or other mods

Graphical Settings :

The interior cockpit-view from the driver suits and gloves are adapted from colours to the high-res Textures from BariCZ, therefore i also advise to install it if you haven’t yet (see below on “Extras”)

i advise for the best view the following settings in game :

Details Driver Car = FULL
Details External Car = FULL

and under “Optionen – Graphic – Advanced” :

High Wheel-Details = ACTIVATE
High Resolution Cars = ACTIVATE
High Resolution Cockpits = ACTIVATE

Extras :

i also advise everyone to install the high-resolution Alpinestars driver suits / gloves from BariCZ – the cockpit-view looks awsome with that !

Download HD Gloves and Suits

Terms of Use – Disclaimer :

This mod was exclusive created for the eSR League / Members and is only dedicated for our eSR Community drivers !

There will be no permission to use this cars / parts of it in other leagues or mods – please respect this and do not ask for, thanks.

This mod is password-protected – the password is only visible on the mod descripton on – It is not allowed to post this password on any other websites !

Any kind of publishing or propagation of this cars / mod or parts of it outside of is strictly forbidden !

We do NOT allow to use, change or convert contents from this mod for other projects !

This mod was build for private entertainment, therefore it is not allowed to use or offer contents of it in any kind of ways for commercial purpose / profit !

Use it at your own risk – we assume no liability for possible damages.

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

and now have fun 😎

LeeJr & =SiGi=



Size: 628 MB
Version: 1.01
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